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  1. Wooi

    Why is it that.....

    Ukitafuta mpango ya kando Ndio akuokolee khupipi akinyesha ama akiwa na mood mbaya wanaanza kunyesha at the same time.....
  2. Wooi

    Whats up with people???

    I start this rant by first declaring that I am no billionaire but I get by. There is this new trend that has caught up this year. Everybody and everyone is borrowing small money. Today I have 5 requests, some of them border on desperation with promise of refund by Sato. With a lot of begging...
  3. Wooi

    Finally hekaya imeiva

    Hey villagers, elders, sponsors, dry fry artists, Hoi Polloi, fmc all protocols observed. I have been a village follower for many years, since the days of wanderi to this village. For all those years I have never told any story or hekaya but I finally have one. So here goes... There is this...
  4. Wooi

    Shait, mumeona hii... Gory

    I Some images doing rounds in medics pages of a guy refereed from Meru to Knh. Jamaa anepigiliwa misumari Kwa kichwa. Ako theatre. Wacha tumwombee. Hope it was not threshold manenos
  5. Wooi

    Work place environment

    Hi guys and honeys: Many employers will try to give their workers a nice space to work from. Open office layout for paper pushers to nice cubicle and offices depending on level. This gives the empleyee some level of satisfaction and boosts morale. I visited a top organization where the cash...
  6. Wooi

    Ufisi has no boundaries (lifted from Craigslist)

    Hey there, I'm an accountant by profession and presently doing Bcom on part time, at a private University here in Nairobi. Am 32 yrs, healthy (medical screening a plus), drug & disease free, handsome and with a humble & pleasant personality. I want to offer my "seeds" donation to you and make...
  7. Wooi

    Ni Gari Ama ni dere

    Hii Gari Inaitwa Subaru Forrester nini mbaya na yeye. Just saw in some group that a Forrester did a somersault hapo karibu na multimedia University asubuhi, then remembered one that veered off the road when a lady driver panicked and tried to apply emergency braking on a flat stretch of a road...
  8. Wooi

    What's the end game here

    So, Raila's inauguration committee has sent letters to the governors whose counties passes the people's assembly bill. The letters requires the governors to provide a venue for the high profile event which is inauguration of the people's president. Given that the guy cannot be in 16 places at...
  9. Wooi

    Sijui mbona nimecheka

  10. Wooi

    Extra-judicial :Highly effective?

    Flashback : 3 years ago, the ATPU embarked on a campaign to eliminate Muslim clerics who were preaching extremist gospel at the coast. What followed was lots of noise, violent demos and condemnation led by our own Mungiki turned muslim @mayekeke. If I remember correctly about four of them were...
  11. Wooi

    What's with NASA/NRM

    I am almost in a panic, have been poring the internet since 8hours ago and the silence from Nasa is too loud. Huko telegram where they post pics and opinions, nobody had said anything since the CNN thing. Huko Facebook, even faith mutembei is unually quite. Men, that girl is annoying...
  12. Wooi

    Getting desperate now,

    Nimetoka kutembea pale Nasa telegram,and today they have gone the extra mile of educating their supporters who they call "kenyans" on how to make and launch a molotov cocktail.They have gone ahead to explain how the egyptian regime was toppled by use of the said cocktail. can these tactics work...
  13. Wooi

    Ktalk CSI kujeni wote

    Hako kagari kalitumiwa kubeba TV ya wenye we. Hata ingawa picha zenyewe zilichukuliwa na pin hole camera natumai Kuna wengine wetu ambao wamekula madini ya kuwezesha macho kuona vizuri saana. Na kama macho hayaoni basi akina @pamba na @snapdragon wanazo programu zinazoweza kutusomea namba...
  14. Wooi

    Sadness of life

    A colleague was going through the process of applying for a job..with...Kajiado County. What struck me is just how much money you need to get all the required documents and papers. Like this Crb clearance....2200 Helb,.......,...............1200 Good conduct.........1000...
  15. Wooi

    Journalists indeed

    The female medic then realised that he has been sexually assaulted when she was unconscious. She confronted her colleague and he admitted that he had done the heinous act; he went on to assure her that he’s in good health, so she should not be worried. Livid, she locked him in his house and...
  16. Wooi

    ukistaajabu ya musa

    A mentally unstable old man attempted to commit suicide by slitting his throat.He did a pretty good job but i guess even madness could not let him go beyond that point. see attached video......graphic.....FRAphic
  17. Wooi

    10,000 Empty rooms

    Hi all, my curiosity has been drawn by the just concluded Ticad conference and the other one before this(yenye Mondi alikam), I forget, they have been so many! . The number of delegates has been so huge and I haven't picked any complaint of accommodation crisis. So my question is, does it mean...
  18. Wooi

    Saidia peasant----3rd party insurance

    I have a problem, sijui nianzie wapi?. Today I had an accident, hit from behind by a matatu which is insured with direct line assurance. I got an abstract and I don't know what to do next. In all my 8 years of driving I never had an accident and this is partly the reason I decided to do third...
  19. Wooi

    A masterpiece from the Best..

    I have a problem with quitting many things; like how I just wake up on a Saturday with a hangover that looks like malaria+zika virus combined, and pronounce that I will never ever take Wakihara special vodka again. Then later in the day after taking thufu of knees and regaining some strength, I...
  20. Wooi

    Scented question

    Hi all, it's long since I posted anything so here goes. I know we are all figted in various ways but career wise there are engineers, doctors, pilots etc. I am in the medical field and my mind is unable therefore to understand some aspects of the others field because simply put I don't have the...

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