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  1. kiki

    Captive Portal

    All CCR routers have level 6 license. Which would fit your case very well. Otherwise buy a license from
  2. kiki

    Captive Portal

    Yes via CLI. But you'll have to do some editing. Create a default profile first. Add usernames as below. /tool user-manager user add customer=Name_Of_Student name=username password=Login_Password copy-from=0
  3. kiki

    Captive Portal

    Try mikrotik router with level 6 license. Mikrotik user manager is free. Can also use free radius for AAA. Rukus or Zyxel are other choices. What AP's are you planning to use?
  4. kiki

    1000Mbps connection in Kenya available! Who knew?!

    Local loop CDN. Try changing server from zuku to another country.
  5. kiki


    This Nanyuki
  6. kiki

    Networking and Open sourec Electronics Saviour

    In MPLS setup, loopback IP address ensures that the LDP session is not affected by interface state or address changes. Use of loopback address as LDP transport address ensures proper penultimate hop popping behavior when multiple labels are attached to packet as in case of VPLS. Generally, it's...
  7. kiki

    Networking and Open sourec Electronics Saviour

    Not necessarily. Pro: Network topology changes or interface changes. And use loopback address as the router ID and for everything else. Cons: None I can think of. Only time I had issue with loopback addresses is when I had loopback address of and cloudflare introduced there DNS service.
  8. kiki

    Usiku Sacco

    Just from cottage hospital. Kid got the swine flu. All will be well.
  9. kiki

    Nakumatt is restocking courtesy of Tusky - There is hope

    Nakumatt Nanyuki Guess not!
  10. kiki

    Jamii shakes up internet market with speeds deal

    Take not JTL throttles speeds. Not sure if they are still capping.
  11. kiki

    Jamii shakes up internet market with speeds deal Jamii Telecom has launched its most aggressive shake-up of the internet market with a five-fold increase in speeds for home and business customers without a change in...
  12. kiki

    NBA Finals 2017

  13. kiki

    JTL Bullcrap

    Don't know.
  14. kiki

    JTL Bullcrap

    Hello, With regard to the link's slow speeds issue, we note that you have reached you maximum daily allowed quota and that's why speeds cant exceed 1Mbps.The link will refresh automatically at midnight and it should then be okay. However, kindly reduce usage of undesired protocols.
  15. kiki

    Singapore Sevens
  16. kiki

    If motorcycles give you a boner

    Café racer.
  17. kiki

    Zuku has introduced 250Mbps

    No luck. Sorry.
  18. kiki

    Zuku has introduced 250Mbps

    Yes Vuma. Saf biz & JTL too. ISPs do offer similar up/down speeds. Some even burst allocated speeds.
  19. kiki

    Zuku has introduced 250Mbps

    Services are not in Nairobi. What's your location? I'm might be of help.

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