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  1. conteh

    Heavy duty coil springs

    What's the difference with the normal ones...other than the name of course. Will you still need kueka spacer? Does tension reduce over time?
  2. conteh

    Moses Kuria’s law to fasten pay of State suppliers...wakieka hii kwa mbimbi-i, inapita asubuhi

    The best thing that can come out of the 12th Parliament is to approve the amendment to the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act sponsored by Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria. The amendment seeks to ensure that the youth, women and people living with disabilities who are government suppliers...
  3. conteh

    Solar water pump

    Kindly recommend a good setup of the above for a 100m deep borehole. The quotes I'm receiving zinanichanganya. Tested the borehole jana na maji dropped a mere 2m after running the pump for 24hrs.
  4. conteh

    Gamers meet in real life at bedside of terminally-ill friend When a member of their friendship group was in hospital receiving treatment for cancer, six men who have been friends for years came together. However, this was the first time they had been in same room, or even the same state. They met through...
  5. conteh

    Canadian Grand Prix

  6. conteh

    Camel Milk

    Vipi wadau....naeza pata wapi maziwa ya ngamia? Is it stocked in the supermarkets...apparently camel milk contains sufficient levels of insulin to help prevent, manage and perhaps treat both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.
  7. conteh

    @admin Spam alert

  8. conteh

    India osungu.dll

  9. conteh

    There are many reasons why ‘healing’ narrative is misleading A General Election is analogous to a football match in a number of ways. As in soccer, an election also has a majority of people who are not in it as diehard supporters. As in soccer...
  10. conteh

    Annuity roads plan back on track

    @spear The government has revived the annuity roads financing programme that was shelved in May over inflated costs and the slow pace of project approvals. Transport Cabinet...
  11. conteh


    But haiko kwa KEBS website...anything fishy?
  12. conteh

    toyota hybrid

    @wanakijiji naomba usaidizi priss cc @introvert 1. what are the benefits of hybrid cars? 2. engine size ni 3300...haitanyonya gede kunyonya? 3. been told about a good month and a bad month...hiyo ndio kumaanisha?
  13. conteh

    Black man brutally pulled out of train by inspectors in Munich
  14. conteh

    Russian Grand Prix F1

    Russian Grand Prix F1 LIVE: Lewis Hamilton down in fourth as Valtteri Bottas leads Sebastian Vettel
  15. conteh


    anyone experienced booking a place using naeza get B&B ama ni msee kujisort?
  16. conteh

    Lewis Hamilton beats Sebastian Vettel to pole

    Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton won a tight fight with Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel to take pole position for Sunday's Chinese Grand Prix. Race starts 9am our time. @Okiya @KACH @JeremyKenya @Mathaais
  17. conteh

    US launches missile strike against Syria

    Woke up to this, and the way I thought Trump will not be sucked into an unnecessary war. Ostensibly the strikes were in response to the gas attack allegedly by the Syrian army. I am waiting to see how mzee mzito Putin will respond to this escalation.
  18. conteh

    Just found this kwa archives....

    @Meria Mata
  19. conteh

    Lewis Hamilton on pole position for Australian Grand Prix

    Lewis Hamilton won a tight battle for pole position between Mercedes and Ferrari at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix tomorrow. Hamilton took pole position by 0.268 seconds as Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel joined him on the front row.

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