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  1. mr.musk

    Tagged rongai edition, am I safe wifing this one

    Watu wa Rongai-Karen, I know what is said about women you find on tagged; but am eyeing this one. Mumepita na yeye ama am safe?
  2. mr.musk

    when the wall approaches, they scamper for rescue mercilessly

    To our small brothers (and sisters), the village is on a wall discussion season, the alpha-beta insults that dominated are over. sasa vuteni stool tuwape signs of the wall. Six years ago, I borrowed ikus form a 28-year-old 6/10 , a junior assistant at the ministry of environment. she declined...
  3. mr.musk

    women defend territory, but they stick with you as long as they benefit

    I just bumped into an old classmate (lady) in town and rekindled memories of campus. Women are very territorial beings I tell you, but they stick to you when they need you even if you stray. When I was in campus, I was getting slices to from a married classmate, Akinyi a 8/10 girl; those girls...
  4. mr.musk

    Ongata rongai hide out lokeshens please

    Niko na kunguru in the box, na anadai nipange lunch date not far from her base (Ongata Rongai but am green about that area). Thinking of a place to have some good choma lunch and WITH accommodation preferably within the base for a smooth transition from the lunch table to the den (not loitering...
  5. mr.musk

    There is a kunguru glut in town.

    For those wondering what glut is; its when a comodity is in surplus, such that owners would rather take any price offer than see it wasting. Forget about those economics of “njaanuary” is here. If you are a man of means, i.e. no whining about the month financialy coz its Jan, you know what I...
  6. mr.musk

    tumesalimiana wangapi careguest

    tumesalimiana wangapi careguest
  7. mr.musk

    studio illusions

    for a moment i thought Lulu has built big bum
  8. mr.musk

    eating chicken and eggs?

    does it count as eating a hen and a chiken when you nail a univ don and her student? asking for my big naughty brother.
  9. mr.musk

    Muster station iko wapi

    Muster station iko wapi
  10. mr.musk

    kasarani and pipeline are lanye hotspots

    from tinder to badoo and all those apps, when you ask the lanyes, they say they all stay in pipeline and those who look a bit upscale are in Kasarani. what is is with kasarani? cheap rentals, or prevalence of loaded sponsors?
  11. mr.musk

    Langata road options for a room

    I have a catch and want to get my slices, but she insists not far from her place, Langata. any ideas of reasonably priced (under 3K) rooms in along Langata Road or nearby.
  12. mr.musk

    bibi ya mwenyewe

    eti mlisema bibi ya mwenyewe akianika pu**y mtu aifanyie nini? aitorokee ama aikule?
  13. mr.musk

    the question of tribalism??

    Kenya will be a nicer place when people stop caring about each others tribe.
  14. mr.musk

    consider your chances of a pregnancy trap well

    If you are a man with stable income, know that women who have no career or financial stability are "very fertile". If she is single and 34 plus; smell a rat, and smell two rats if she is already a single mother (she will trap a man with enough means to give money that can support all the three...
  15. mr.musk

    i will never settle for less

    "i will never settle for less, says single women 40+ years old" . when you hear that or see it on tagline, know she has given up of ever settling. don't assume you are the "enough" one. those are the women who will offer to pay dowry for themselves so that you marry them.
  16. mr.musk

    agent coming too close

    did i hear that insurance sales agents are like open for 'talks' like bar attendants? I have this nice luhyia momma coming very close and the discussion often diverting form policy to personal issues. business meetings end up like dates. but the big issue is she is married, and hubby is...
  17. mr.musk

    screwing half or double your age?

    We had this naughty mzee in the village when we grew up (not my real grandpa). when asked how old is old enough for a man, his answer was; when it is legal for him to f**k a girl half his age. needless to say, that is 36. how many have nailed or been nailed legally by someone half/double their...
  18. mr.musk

    women hate being dumped...

    women have a way of digging themselves in, some earlier than normal, others as usual after several romps. i escalated on this young campus lady (5/10 on looks, nothing worth bragging). she quickly got in the box that night, but just to save her dignity of not being a loose girl (shit girls...
  19. mr.musk

    humble kienyeji vs yello yello

    am making a decision between a fair looking (5/10) humble receptionist vs hot (8/10) jobless girl for a below the radar away from home regular matches. am pondering how the hot one maintains herself yet jobless, but the kienyenji one looks genuinely hard working and polite. watu wakuagiza picha...

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