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    Job offer

    My partner is a CPA section 6 underway and she is looking for an opportunity even if it's an internship to start with.We are therefore seeking the assistance from you villagers. Thank you
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    I want a good club within the cbd which you have to pay entrance fees
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    I want to replace bumper for my ist old model where can get it in mombasa and at how much
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    asking for a friend

    his parents have been disagreeing for the last 3years and this is threatening the unity of their family. now his father is asking him to listen to the two parties and be the judge. Do you think it's wise for him to interfere or just watch from the side line as the family collapse? He is the...
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    wine and spirits

    Hey guys I want to venture into wine and spirit business though on a small scale which certificates am I supposed to have and how hard/easy is it to get them?
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    am a new car owner and I need to buy the tyres which type are the best with a budget of 6k per tyre

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