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    Explicit Talkers well represented in the Olympics

    Joshua Cheptengei a badass Ugandan marathoner too. Huyu anatoka huko Chepkube Mt elgon
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    Wacha nijibu huyu.. We don't find their women attractive

    Orengo and Jared ni Meru and late Fidel was married to an Ethiopian lass. Don't beat your drum too much those mtk woman r overrated
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    Kenyan education is a trash

    An MSc in IT from a local university is pretty useless unahitaji mneti na ukae mbele ya keyboard and hammer away till you are one with that machine. Usiwaste pesa na hizi Kenyan universities, l was talking to a 4th year recently hajui crypto, AI, machine learning. Hao hufunzwa vitu za last...
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    Andrew Kibe ni kama amehama Kenya

    Credit card debt. Anywho acha boy ajishikilie momo mlami and live for once asahu hardships za vumbistan
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    Kenya is NOT a Monarch!!!!

    NASA is irredeemably broken due to greed ya Jakuon. Kalonzo is a weakling na Giddy is a coward that leaves you Weta and MaDVD. Hawa ni small fish. Even with jicho nyanya's backing this cerelac coalition cannot decide who will bell the cat. Hata mzee Atwoli unaona amenyamza juu he's old enough to...
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    Fear mongers kila mahali. Your own royal family has been shafting Kenyans for eons, grabbed entire districts, captured the state but now his deputy of 10 years is this villain that goes around burning women in churches. Kwani hamkujua ni nani vile mkimchagua in 2013. Ruto might not be a saint...
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    Explicit Mali ya Nani?

    Mzee yake ni Poor beta male, l know the fella from campo. I remember alikua anapenda kucheza salsa and such umama. Hizi signs huwezi kosa
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    Meet Hustler Gachagua. Is this where the said stolen billions went?

    He's on some gadfatha shiet this thug unaona anasoma Mario Puzo, peasants lazima watatii hawa hustlers wakichukua power
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    39yrs ago

    Can you tell us more about this Col Ochuka. Like alitoka wapi, education levels, professional background. From what l gather he was not the sharpest tool in the shed. Alafu what was his connection with the Odingas, kama Oginga alisponsor the coup, where does that leave poor Ochuka. It's most...
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    39yrs ago

    Kwani how old is man Weta na how long has he practiced law. If alikua advocate 40 years ago he must be pushing 70 but it does not show
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    Inside Mexico's Most Powerful Drug Cartel | Foreign Correspondent

    They are a bit unstable upstairs hawa watu. I also was a gangsta rap fan na due to my admiration for Suge Knight kuna time l binge watched all the great gangasta movies after l heard he would screen them with Tupac then go out and act on them. The older mobster movies were the shiiet before...
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    39yrs ago

    This event must have really shook the wananchi na Moi 's response was anything but gentle. Alianza sasa wholesale arrests and detentions hadi za lecturers UoN na kulikua na secret police kila mahali. Killed a lot of people too, remember that massacre in Garissa was in 1984 l guess and a lot more...
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    BLM’s demands to White parents

    Hizo prestigious colleges zote zilianzishwa using wealth created by black slaves so in fact they should get first priority. Ni vile whites have massive headstart due to the compounding of wealth tangu those days. It's even a miracle blacks have any wealth today due to Jim Crow and naked...
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    Donald Kipkorir

    I think he was just a front f I was reading his detailed story in the new yorker jana, na l kept wondering how an elite hacker can be so careless. Apart from the stupid flossing, ati alikua na 2.5m followers IG. Ati alitumia his phone number and email to con people. He must be a front ya some...
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    Donald Kipkorir

    Hii hushpuppy ni njaruo tu ya Lagos Nigga had access to billions albeit stolen na all he can think of is buying Gucci sneakers na bathrobes ndio apate likes kama brainless slaykwin. Hii ni low self esteem hata uwe na pesa ngapi cannot be covered up. Black man ana kasoro mahali tho.
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    underseat subwoofers

    Looks great, hebu pin the location
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    Egerton University Maisha Ni Hardd

    So you ought to drop So you ought to drop your local name, accent and whole identity juu umeingia a hallowed university and become what?? A bland John Peters dressed in a suit and tie gladly headed to heaven sio
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    KPLC Thieves

    @dan1 Sema tu umekua ukinyonga meter na when you have been outed ni kulia lia kama a bitch on heat. How do you expecti kutumia stima ya wenyewe bila kulipa. Hadi unawaita dogs. You must be a thieving meathead. Lipa deni ama ujinunulie generator kama Lagos nugu hii
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    Msito Xi got balls .He has destroyed a parasitic $100 billion education industry virtually overnight .

    You is one jealous witch. Hautakii watu hii USA yako aje. Eish chill babe, kumbuka ww ni third world immigrant snatching jobs from white Americans
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    Why You Should Stick To One or Two Kungurus

    How you insert your tool in other mens cum is beyond me. Huyo malaya kwanza the prettier ones unajua ni wase wangapi huwafinya in a day kweli. I urge you to first hold your horses next time for just 30 minutes uone wale wase wamekutangulia. Utapata mse wa nduthi, mayai, makanga, chokoraa na...

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