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    Sh87m Cash Bail Deposits Missing At Judiciary. Kenya Is A Classic Example Of Sh!thole, FAILED Banana Republic

    someone is trying to school us with a mouthful boodle, don't choke while on it
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    Nigeria want to change it's name.... should Kenya do the same.

    Hii discussion tuli debate tuka conclud juzi, if we are to change name, then Vumbistan is more appropriate
  3. GGrass

    President Bush

    Hizo miguu ya Mitchell ni kama chassis ya TATA
  4. GGrass

    Arap Uria Comedy

    cant imitate shit, that's lip sync
  5. GGrass

    Who is better?

    what a sickening comparison
  6. GGrass

    Special squad: what is it actually?

  7. GGrass

    Perfect affordable getaway.

    samich resort kerio valley
  8. GGrass

    Does Kenya currently have enough land?

  9. GGrass


    electorates get the leaders they deserve
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    Embrace the Rage part 1

  11. GGrass

    51 DEAD!

    Bomobos are dying and drowning in Heavy rains now, only to cry of starvation and hunger in the coming months
  12. GGrass

    Enyewe conmen ni wajinga

    hapa tuli debate on this matter at length, a concesus was reached, uki coniwa style hii you deserve coz no-one in their sane mind falls for this cheap scams
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    Tax free betting site.

  14. GGrass


    juu uchumi imekua moto, i suspect harambee players wali weka bet HF/FT 1/1 Both Teams to Score No and Under 2.5 clearly there wasn't any attempt shots on goal whatsoever. Patriotism kitu gani !! chieth
  15. GGrass

    How is Rwanda

    uki fika Kigali chukua Bus RITCO straight to Lake kivu, iko Rubavu district, Thank me later
  16. GGrass

    UK has lost his head at the 'young' age of 57!

    Ongeza Matiangi kwa hio list
  17. GGrass

    BREAKING NEWS: Somali armed group, Al-Shabab, claim responsibility for Nairobi attack.

    kenyans with their peculiar habits, milling around scenes of disaster making even evacuation harder....

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