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  1. Mujwahuki


    Admin toa hiyo pinned poster watu walikufa na wakazikwa kitambo.Tuekee shida za vumbikistan.
  2. Mujwahuki

    Kukojoa in the name of squirting

    Hii maneno ya madame kukojoa in the name of squirting mkome!.Mwanamke mzima kukojoa kwa kitanda akijitetea ni utamu kwerrra kabisa. ( end of rant)
  3. Mujwahuki

    Academic writers wanted!

    Habari ya wanakijiji. Mtu anafanya academic writing inbox me tuzungumze charges masomo imekua ngumu!
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    Nimeland, what have y’all birrionaires been upto? Naona bado hamjaacha kueka picha za roadkills na taste ya @rexxsimba haijachange still pathetic. Na kwani uncle @uwesmake alimezwa na momo?Kwa hizi streets nani ameona my favourite girl @Finest wine. Kama una support BBI makende wewe!
  5. Mujwahuki

    Joka la kitisa

    @Finest wine Naona nitachange route niende Caribbean badala ya London.
  6. Mujwahuki

    Whatsapp changing its user policy to share data with Facebook

    New changes to the whatsapp user policy will require users to share their data with Facebook. Wenye tulihama Facebook it’s time to migrate to Telegram and Signal if you haven’t already...
  7. Mujwahuki

    Sites to get books

    Can anyone please recommend a site where I can download ebooks.Shukran
  8. Mujwahuki

    Coming to Canada as a student

    For those students in this kijiji that want to study in Canada, there is a legit agency helping with the process of applying for school. If interested go to the website below or visit them in person. It’s straight forward and no conmen business coz you deal with the school. ( and those asking...
  9. Mujwahuki

    Revisiting the vote wisely thread

    Kulingana na nduru za kuaminika the voting on that thread ya osha macho competition was close sasa tu revisit with clear images and analysis
  10. Mujwahuki


    Nitaacha hii hapa
  11. Mujwahuki

    Friday rant

    Kama wewe ni mwanaume and you pay for nudes ama subscribe to those only fans website you are a fucking stupid thirsty beta male and abomination to society. And not forgetting those who pay for hookers
  12. Mujwahuki

    Auto show ...The future of cars

    Leo nikaamua kusafisha macho na magari...nikaona wanaume wanapesa na vubistan tuachane na gari ndogo imekua dumping site. The future is electric
  13. Mujwahuki

    Parting shot...let’s not ever forget

    I will just leave these two here
  14. Mujwahuki

    Admin Njoo hapa

    @admin to continue building this village you encouraged we make suggestions but the ones brought forward by members, kazi yako ni kuzi shelf kama archives.I had a suggestion of a picture contest to run a week with different themes ...uliona napigia mbuzi guitar even after agreeing to it and a...
  15. Mujwahuki


    For the past month I have been struggling with insomnia and it’s affecting my day activities. For those that have experienced insomnia how to you handle it?
  16. Mujwahuki

    What Podcasts do you listen to?

    In an era where villagers Kawasaki at every opportunity they get when they are not doing it what podcasts do they listen to?Some podcasts I find them educative while others entertaining...let’s share the podcasts y’all are listening to. Zangu ni: Intelligence square debates ( I have learnt a lot...
  17. Mujwahuki

    Memorable set books (good reads) from 8-4-4

    Like Ozil, the 8–4-4 system has divided opinions in the confused Kenyan society.However, majority of us, if not all have been baptized through it and one of its fascinating nature was the set book category. Drama sessions and a chance for courtship were the highlights of the set books. My...
  18. Mujwahuki

    Photo contest suggestions

    Admin kuongeza content kwa kijiji let’s have a category of photo contest.Every week the admin comes up with a theme of pictures to be taken. For example of a theme would be “sunset”, then talkers post the best pictures of it then we all vote...the winner get KCr points..To avoid downloads and...
  19. Mujwahuki

    Fun fact

  20. Mujwahuki

    Why I believe reviving parastatals and agriculture sector is the future of our country

    Kenya has great potential but at the moment it is a shithole been lead by myopic and greedy leaders. Reviving the parastatals mostly those focused on the agriculture sector will provide an opportunity for the jobless youth to get employment both directly and indirectly. We have hard-working...

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