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    Fewer cars on the road (Nairobi) a sign of depressed economy

    I know people have been complaining of crazy jam because of construction of the highway. But from my observation/thoughts it seems there is less jam on other roads as compared to before covid. I live on Kiambu road and morning rush hour jam used to start before Ridgeways, it now starts at past...
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    Motorola smartphones

    I am looking for motorola smartphones brand new. Anyone know where i can get some in Nairobi? I find them reliable.
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    car for sale TOYOTA AXIO 2010

    Toyota Corolla Axio X Year of Manufac: 2010. Engine capacity 1500cc, petrol engine, 111,000 Km, Automatic transmission, Air conditioning, power windows and mirrors. FM/AM radio, CD player. Very clean interior and exterior, Oil changes done regularly, Maintenance records available. Asking price...
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    cvt oil change toyota axio 2010

    I have a axio 2010 and intend to change the cvt oil (TC). i have seen toyota cvt fluid and aisin cvt fluid in the market. Has anyone ever changed the oil and put in Aisin cvt fluid. Did it work well. I have 110K kilometres so i believe i should have changed it a while back.

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