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    Reputable Computer Shops CBD

    Wadau, I'm looking to buy a new laptop. What shops are worth a visit? Najua Moi Ave na Tom Mboya kuna some thugs na sitaki kupatana nao. Suggestions tafadhali.
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    Skyworth vs TCL TVs

    TCL is undeniably good considering the features offered at a friendly price. Lakini pia Skyworth TVs are equally affordable. I don't know much about skyworth TVs. If you've got a Skyworth TV or have used one, how is it in terms of features, picture and sound quality, multi format playback, etc...
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    TBT: Ol' Skool Rap

    Add some more, talkers.
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    Sony unveils Electric Car

    Sony has been working on an electric car. The concept car was unveiled at the annual CES, The Vision-S is its name. What do you think about this, talkers?
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    To What Extent Would You Assist Your Ex-girlfriend Financially?

    Last week a buddy's girlfriend broke up with him over 'flimsy' reasons: eti he's nagging, calls and texts her too much like she has time to chat all day, didn't give her his time or at least a gift on Valentine's...Their relationship was just a month old. The nigga akajaribu kuteta kidogo na...
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    Chase the cold with hits

    @Luther12 @Nefertities @WuTang @Deorro
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    Celebration and Protests.

    A man has died in Molo after being ran over by a lorry as he celebrated the election outcome. At the same time protests zinashika kule Kisumu, areas like Nyalenda and others. Watu wawe careful. ntv
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    Teacher ‘had threesome with high school students at home’

    A teacher who allegedly had sex with four teenagers has been accused of sleeping with two more. Heather Robertson, 38, a former kindergarten teacher, was originally arrested after she was accused of having sex with four high school students at her home in Lufkin, Texas. One of the students told...
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    Windows 10 Creators Update

    It's now rolling out. Though it won't be available at the same time everywhere, you can manually download it using Media Creation Tool from Microsoft's website. Lots of great features that cater for PC gamers, creativity through Paint 3D and many other features. The build version is 1703. Nani...
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    The new Toyota C-HR

    Ndae mpya whose production imeanza last few months.
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    Sony's New Version of PS4

    Sony announced on Wednesday a powerful new version of its PlayStation 4 gaming console. Called the PlayStation 4 Pro, the system will be capable of playing on 4K -- or ultra-high resolution -- and on HDR televisions. It'll also be able to play 4K games. PS4 Pro will cost $399 and hit stores on...
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    Documentaries to Keep You Occupied

    For the first two you have to click.
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    Potentially Earth-like planet discovered

    The star closest to the sun hosts a planet that may be very much like Earth, a new study reports. Astronomers have discovered a roughly Earth-size alien world around Proxima Centauri, which lies just 4.2 light-years from our own solar system. What's even more exciting, study team members said...
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    TBT: Kenyan Rap

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    Goldman Sachs on Al jazeera

    Watching this documentary. Hii ni baba ya banks zote, and might have had a hand in the world economic crisis of 2007. It doesn't deal with individual clients but with some corporations. They are the "Lords of World Finance". Interesting. Airing today 3:11pm. Maybe it's on YouTube too.
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    Dude Tried To Munch GF's Siz, Now It's War!

    Jamaa analia kama mtoi, can't even fight back or run.
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    TBT: Assorted Rap

    Enjoy 'n' add more!
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    TBT: Rap