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    recommend nigerian/ghana music

    recommend nigerian/ghana music
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    kurudi nyumbani final update

    You have already read my good threads about going to live back home. There was the good and the bad. After weighing my options and my future goals, I will not continue living here. If you haven't read the previous threads, I highlighted the village mentality of jealousy and feeling threatened...
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    Niko na BNB, shiba Inu na doge but naona doge ikinipeleka vibaya.. keeps dropping.. which ones do you have?
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    why do we have children?

    why do we have children?
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    250,000 girls drop school

    250,000 girls didn't resume school this year and of that, over 160,000 were pregnant or married. when corona lockdown started last year in the month of june only, 10000 school girls were pregnant
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    mwanaume na kujenga

    Je, ulijenga nyumba yako ukiwa wa umri gani?
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    KRA nisaidieko

    "On the basic information, please say YES to having any other source of Income" Hii iko wapi kwa the site?
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    Kenya is unique never forget

    -3 native subspecies of giraffe. Reticulated Giraffe ,Rothschild’s Giraffe and Maasai giraffe - Albino giraffe -Northern white rhino (only 2) in the world - the Plains Zebra and the endangered Grevy’s Zebra., all native - Mountain bongo only found in central kenya - over 1100 species of exotic...
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    Chris Kirubi's will

    Chris kirubi wrote his will on sunday after the medical team told him his time was ticking. He died the following day.
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    chris kirubi dead

    chris kirubi dead Businessman Chris Kirubi is dead. He is associated with the collapse of many blue-chip companies including KENATCO, Uchumi Supermarkets and Kenya Airways. He used his proceeds of crime to purchase Bendor Coffee Estate in Muranga & Capital FM.
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    Benjamin Netanyahu out - Naftali Bennett and Yair Lapid in - swearing in at 4pm Israel-time
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    crypto portfolio

    Niko na doge, bnb, btc na usdt for trading I am looking for shitcoins in pancakeswap to swap.. any recommendations?
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    Kurudi Nyumbani (Update 3)

    I have now settled in and doing some minor adjustments to my house. The air here is clean. The sun is sweet. I wake up to the crowing of the village cockerells and the chirping of birds. I saved a lot of cash last month and have put it aside for the house. I don't think I have any major...
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    Butchery secret

    If I buy a kilo of meat and keep it overnight, with no adverse preservation method (maybe salt or something), it starts to go bad and has a weak foul smell. However, I am sure the beef shank I left in the butchery will stay more than two days hanging there and exposed yet it does not go bad...
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    Peeling the mask: Bill Gates.

    Microsoft "spoon-fed" journalists stories about their tech products that were coming out, giving them insider information, they didn’t report on the wild bachelor parties that Microsoft’s boyish chairman would throw in his Seattle home — for which Gates would "visit one of Seattle’s all-nude...
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    Do we really have a choice?

    God has already chosen those who will choose Him and those who will not. He has already pre-destined it. Does it really matter if we don't choose Him?
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    dinousors| evolution and christianity

    What do christians say about the numerous evidence of the existence of 'early man' and other creatures like dinousors. Where did they go to? Where is there an early man?
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    18+ cuckold

    This is from a Jungu friend of mine out of nowhere. The gf is also a jungu and has also sent me her nudes. want to eat gf without the guy. another man cant see my member. Advice elders
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    BREAKING: Kenya has banned all flights from and to Somalia

    BREAKING: Kenya has banned all flights from and to Somalia with immediate effect Hearing reports that, effective today, Kenya Civil Aviation Authority suspended all flights between Kenya and Somalia except medevac flights and UN humanitarian flights. It comes as Somalia rejected to lift ban on...
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    electronics shop

    where to source for them in low prices? what else is needed in this business? average stock in prices needed to start? what would you recommend?