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  1. pipita

    Inability to load my e-wallets via my atm card

    Today I felt I decided to load my nuteller account via my equity ATM card nikamue Muhindi mzungu. Funniest part is that my bank declined my transaction since the website was associated with gambling. Any way to go around this wadau?
  2. pipita

    Christmas eve party

    sijui ni economic effect kwa mifuko za raia ama ni mijeledi ya mzigo matiang'i kwa watu wa Odi dance. nko club 64 Nakuru but so far hakuja Jaa. last year time kama hii space hungepata.
  3. pipita

    GSU lorry overturns in Marakaru market Bungoma county

    My Intel has informed me that a GSU lorry has overturned in Marakaru injuring several and killing one on the spot. TOJ. A reminder GSU are not immune to death and still bleed red blood.
  4. pipita

    My childhood memory of love's stupidity continuation

    Fellow villagers, I promised to continue with my narration with regard to my narration of love's stupidity. Najua kuna wale wamengoja lakini lazima ninukishe kitunguu kwanza. Hekaya na kijiji kesi ya baadae. So after my nigger learning that his goods were unwrapped he almost got into a...
  5. pipita

    My childhood Memory of Love's stupidity

    Back in the days while growing up I had a childhood friend who is currently based in Arusha. I bumped into this nigger the other day and talked for long. Jamaa hata sahi ana familia. When the family topic came up I remembered what he underwent as a result of trusting in love. Back in the day...
  6. pipita

    How an exam cheating scandal was successfully overturned

    Today I got a Facebook friend request and as usual I did the mandatory background check since I don't accept requests from strangers. The face looked familiar but the name was lost from my memory. Then I decided to read the comments in the profile pick and baam!! I got the character's name. I...
  7. pipita

    How I made hay while the sun shone

    So today afternoon nmeamua kupiga mguu around just for the sake of killing boredom. so I passed the first estate then the second I meet a beautiful lass whom I decide just to say a hi, zile za unatupa maneno not expecting a response. Funny thing the response was "poa sana". Alas!! the fisi in me...
  8. pipita

    empowering women

    Yesterday after job I passed by my chill spot to engage with bunge la wanainchi. My chill spot is a furniture workshop. So there is this dim eyed fundi who also hails from the Westside we are very good friends and is probably in his late fifties. So after the usual pleasantries and yaliyojiri...
  9. pipita

    Man Utd wameitiwa kumi bora.

    Hapa ni ma collabresheni tu nashuhudia.
  10. pipita

    Of the crazy stuff we did in highschool

    Sometimes when idle or engaged I tend to switch my mind to auto-pilot mode. During these periods, my mind nostalgically drifts back to my days in highschool making me miss the damn life. Amongst the most memorable things are the freebies we used to achieve not because of pity or sheer luck but...
  11. pipita

    Of ladies who overrate themselves

    sometime December 2014while clubbing in Bungoma with my cousin Davvy he happened to take one too many and was high akin to a kite. His intoxicated state zikamuonesha aende next table in pursuit of coomer. The adjacent table had two women, one fine yellowish the other average with excessive...
  12. pipita

    Of extortionist in-laws

    I just read on today's crazy Monday newspaper section on how a man's in-laws tend to extort him during the dowry negotiation phase prior to marriage. The situation is even worse if you seem to be financially well off which makes them quote exorbitant bride prices. One thing they forgot to...
  13. pipita

    Of people who desert their parents upon marrying or getting married.

    I have observed several friends and even relatives whose parents and kin labour on their behalf so that they have a better future. However as soon as lady luck smiles on the ninjas, ladies follow in quick succession and the once close and cordial relationship becomes distant. I know of a friend...