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  1. Amenhotep III

    Kenya Kuna Wazimu Mingi Sana

    Why would someone do this?
  2. Amenhotep III

    800k registered voters against the projected 4.5million? Voter apathy ama its just Kenyans being kenyans registering in the last minute?

    Well when you go around the country proclaiming that so and so will be the fifth, in a manner that suggests it is a done deal and the voter's choice is irrelevant, a lot of people are not going to see the point of registering.
  3. Amenhotep III

    Ndichu twins. Part of Ole Sereni CCTV FOOTAGE emerges . Be the judge

    Unfortunately the Ndichu brothers' fate was decided by the court of public opinion. We spoke about this with colleagues in a group chat and female members almost lynched us for talking about due process. They said we were being apologists of gender based violence. Someone shared this video with...
  4. Amenhotep III

    Breaking News loading

    We all have to go some time.
  5. Amenhotep III

    Insulting Other People's Mothers

    I have never blocked anyone on this forum. I believe one must be tolerant or at least aware of other people's views no matter how much you may disagree with them. However there are some villagers who make it their business to go around harassing others non-stop. They rarely contribute anything...
  6. Amenhotep III

    Dude slaps Governor Shebesh style.

    Easy to say that from the comfort of your couch in America. It's a different story for someone in Kenya listening to a politician surrounded by several dozen heavily armed police officers.
  7. Amenhotep III

    Dude slaps Governor Shebesh style.

    Balls don't stop bullets
  8. Amenhotep III

    Who's the leader of planet earth.

    Telepathy perhaps?
  9. Amenhotep III

    Curfew gone,Masks gone

    I also went for a walk around the neighbourhood today and I was the odd one out wearing a mask. Only counted 3 people wearing masks in the 1 hour spent outside. Clubs did not close until this morning around 5. It is business as usual.
  10. Amenhotep III

    Colin Powell dies of Covid complications

    Death is the only true equalizer in this world I suppose
  11. Amenhotep III

    Colin Powell dies of Covid complications

    Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell has died aged 84 of Covid-19 complications, his family has announced. He was a former top military officer who rose to become the first African-American secretary of state in 2001 under Republican George W Bush. "We have lost a remarkable and loving...
  12. Amenhotep III

    Striper Bavon

    These photos are heavily edited. The background in the second one isn't even real.
  13. Amenhotep III

    Indian men punishing a woman :these people are just something else

    More often than not, such people just find another group to feel superior to. It's the same way many black Americans look down on Africans and vice versa.
  14. Amenhotep III

    Riverroad + Luthuli KPLC imewacheza

    People in town are telling me it's actually 4 transformers down. Could it be sabotage? What are the chances of something like that happening?
  15. Amenhotep III

    teach your old folks how whatsapp works

    You would be surprised. He may know exactly what he's doing.
  16. Amenhotep III


    I hope for a peaceful resolution to this dispute. Wars are expensive, destructive, and only a small handful of people benefit from them. Mainly arms manufacturers and businesspeople who supply military tenders. We should also remember that Somalia is right next door. If things don't go according...
  17. Amenhotep III

    What happened to our female handles?

    Given the type of content and attitudes expressed here. Probably there are not that many women around. And if they are, they are silent participants. Or they pretend to be blue handles.
  18. Amenhotep III

    Cannabis Should Be Cultivated Legally As A Cash Crop. Would Increase National Wealth Through It's Taxation

    You didn't answer the question. Why not just make your own thread instead of piggy backing off of others.
  19. Amenhotep III

    Cannabis Should Be Cultivated Legally As A Cash Crop. Would Increase National Wealth Through It's Taxation

    @patco must you always ambush other posts with your stale political talking points