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    1xbet paybill

    My dual sim phone is unable to pop up the mpesa pin query when I try depositing via mpesa option...saidieni na that sure wanaificha coz of taxes manenos. Ama give other easier way of loading my wallet
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    Email to Konica printer

    Saidieni hapa. I want to connect my office email to the printer so I have it as my default printer for email documents. How do I configure it? Ama lazima nikuwe na admin rights?
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    Sports billionaires

    What is the rational explanation of sports people getting paid astronomical salaries compared to other professionals?
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    ECONOMY? - UNGA HOLDINGS on it's knees
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    How to spy on your wife/girlfriend WhatsApp

    It's very easy to log out a person from his/her WhatsApp. She can't log in ata afanye Nini... Just take her phone discreetly and log in her WhatsApp using your phone. Verification code itatumwa kwa simu yake. After logging in to her WhatsApp, go to settings and activate two step verification...
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    My question is, nikijaribu kufile returns na p9 on the last section before I submit naona total ya hiyo tax due ikiwa over 20 k. My question is, shouldn't that total be zero as my tax is deducted monthly directly from the salary before niipate? Or what am i doin wrong?...
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    The guy who Conned Dubai Islamic Bank a cool Kshs 24 Billion

    One day in August 1995 a man called Foutanga Babani Sissoko walked into the head office of the Dubai Islamic Bank and asked for a loan to buy a car. The manager agreed, and Sissoko invited him home for dinner. It was the prelude, writes the BBC's Brigitte Scheffer, to one of the most audacious...
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    Security lights

    Who can recommend a good 'energy saver' bulb that can be used as security light?.... Nataka kuwekea mzae ocha in their compound
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    Niko na budget ya 5-6k wadau... give me options on the best subwoofer kwa hio price range....yenye ikiimba you can't tell the direction yenye sound inacome from..
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    Failed parenting....Or what do you think???

    Here is a brat camp where parents who think their kids are brats take them for 'correction'....... America is nuts
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    Swali kwa magwiji wa IT

    How do i transfer a file from an office pc that has its usb port locked , to my phone ?...I think imelockiwa na anti virus
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    Male Prostitutes

    I want sober answers. Why aren't there male prostitutes? Ama does it mean ladies don't have the urge for bedminton? Or ladies don't have the courage to solicit for sex?
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    Help! Company WiFi Locked!

    Guys can you give me ideas. Our company has given wifi access to some people. I tried the other day to have a colleague share her password. The problem is even when it connected it's still locked on my phone such that I can't use. How do I bypass this restrictions??
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    Whoaa!.... For the love of Mom.

    Yes I am a man, but just watching this clip made my eyes teary. And gave me something to ponder about. This man climbed a 19 storey building while having a broken hip to save his mum as the building emmitted smoke. Surely. That is a special kind of Love. Literally willing to put your life on...
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    Mtukufu Rais Uhuru

    Kwani haogopi stima????:eek::eek::eek::eek:
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    Njogu Wa njoroge

    You people tell me coz I don't understand. How do you leave the woman who has been by your side through all your struggles and settle for a slay queen gospel artist??? Ama as you people say it's the power of P! Njogu and the lady( Mary Lincoln) met when they were both married. Now they have...
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    PK's Chopper/ Corona Funds

    Seriously, these politicians wameamua it's time to eat.This chopper taking kagwe around belongs to this Mzungu mweusi If you want to confirm the chopper is Peter Kenneth's...
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    Here we go again..... Florida Man.....