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    Wolf = Raila, Shepherd = Uhuru

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    Small and Medium Enterprenuers Wenzangu Kujam

    Small and Medium Enterprenuers wa mrengo wa Thuraku pale Inooro TV wanajieleza. This country's policies, rules, and regulations are made and enforced by a bunch of geniuses led by Uhuru herself (Jinga Yeye!). This is how it is: 1. Vile watu walikua wamezoea kushikana watu 50 wananunua...
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    KPLC - Who else is in the dark?

    Not a light bulb on for must of Thika road and wide environs. I thought you birrionaires would be making noise about it by now. Kwani mnaishi wapi?
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    FAIBA 4G* Update - Not Good

    Just called them for the 654980184th time. They have reluctantly let me on information that should be public but they have been unwisely secretive about it. They are in the process of putting up boosters around Nairobi. That is not going to happen this evening, or this week, or even before the...
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    2.B Nyandarua Prayer Centre

    Shida ya watu weusi ni nini lakini? Mtu mzima anaamka asubuhi anajivalisha longi ndio aende aseme ujinga kama huu! Wacha hata kusema, hii tender hata ni kama ishapeanwa. That's not even the sad part, which is that some people in the comments on the post are fully in support of the idea! God...
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    If You Start This Nonsense Here Naenda Afghanistan

    Because I need to know the Atieno I'm nyanduaring today was not Omosh last year. These so called "liberals" should stop forcing people to bomoa their kabatis. This is from Reddit.
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    Racist Comment Tops in a YouTube News Video

    Here's the video. Check the first comment. And these are the guys we're running to begging them to build is affordable housing enclosures.
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    Rechargeable Batteries full of sand! MBWA NYINYI KEBS!

    KEBS! NUGU NYINYI! MBWA GHASIA TAKATAKA! I have been buying replacement batteries for my 18V cordless drill but they are weak and don't last a month. So I decided that I need to know WTF is going on inside the battery pack. Nimeumwa nduguzanguni. Zimejazwa mchanga! The tubatteries are...
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    Now Popular Con - Children's Homes

    Instigated by: Matatu preachers Mostly duped: women Every time I'm riding a bus Matatu on my peasant errands especially along Thika road and Jogoo road, there's a con artist who comes in the name of the LORD. They go, "Bwana asifiwe! Naitwa Pastor Ng'ania. Wacheni tunyenyekee mbele ya Bwana na...
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    Kiunjuri vs Mtu Wetu Maize Traders

    So Kiunjuri is has been submitting about the NCPB thuggery pale Parliament. You can see the thugs interjecting his every revelation and way-forward. Chris Wamalwa ameingia saa hii na kumwambia astep down. The only genuine person in that committee seems to be Kiunjuri and the lady MP from Samburu.
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    This sucks. When you were "upgrading" your website, you should have kept in mind that not all peasants own iPhone 8 like you. For example, I'm on Lumia 640XL running on Windows 8.1, and this site feels too sweet for my phone. To view a page (see screenshots below), I have to press "NO" quite a...
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    Media na Kiherehere yake imebidi itii! TOJ!

    Pale NTV na vile Press Pass ilikua imeanza na mioto, imezimwa after introductory story about "statehouse's instructions" not to cover Ojinga's antics tomorrow, as well as the chest-thumping missive by Kaikai. Wameweka TheBeat sasa!
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    Saboteurs in Disciplined Forces

    I tried to sleep on it but I'm still conflicted. I clearly saw policemen, employed by the government, hurl stones with stupid glee at motorists who had somehow escaped NASWA goons. I fail to see the wisdom in such an action. When the wakora judges and moles in high places are being revisited...
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    Ekuru ameruka babuon

    First interested party says the petition was not brought in front of the supreme court with clean hands.
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    Bishop of Canterbury anatembeza sweeps

    I know this post will be going against the reconciliation he was preaching about but I would hate to be RAT seated in that in that congregation! Zile ma bare-knuckle rebukes zimetembea! Hata maombi yameombewa only the president elect! Full choice quotes to come. Ama mwenye anazo pia aziweke.
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    Official Fresh Elections Thread

    Gilgil constituency, Ka***** Primary School, polling station number 3. Just confirmed I'll be the first to vote! Zawadi ya kuingia saa tisa. @admin niache pia mimi nipate comments. Please pin this.
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    Lanes My Friends! Who do these shops sell to?

    This has been inspired by Wanjigi's "small man" comment. I wanted to buy someone a guitar to gift a relative on their birthday. An evil friend of a friend recommended this shop at Sarit Centre. Nilifika huko nikaona kama mabei ziko in Uganda Shillings! Nilirudisha makende yangu Luthuli...
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    This Station Had 0% Turnout on 8/8

    LochorApua in Turkana West constituency, widely expected to register 100% voter turnout, closed with 0% turnout even after IEBC deployed personnel and airlifted all necessary material to the station. The only registered voter, Loitamoe Eripon, did not turn out. All 6 elections were considered...
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    What Feminism Actually Is

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    Tukutane 26th

    Hapa ni 96% kwa RWNEBP! RAT alibanjuka kabla beat ianze! TOJ mara million kumi!