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    18+ Dandora sex worker who rushed to a police station after a Luo client took two hours without ejaculating is a sabina joy legend

    shiet huyu lanye hupeana hadi anal...malaya sugu sana...but amesoma pia lakini matako kubwa ikamuingia kwa umalaya
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    Engineers cant find jobs - ni kubaya

    shetani na si una ongea mbaya:D
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    Back shot

    I'm hating myself for agreeing to 'backstab' a hooker in some club in town. The hooker was curvy and light-skinned and we struck a convo as Arsenal was being outplayed by Mancity. Thereafter we got down to business and after some few strokes, she suggested I can f**k her in SIM2 provided I give...
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    Subaru Boys- Get broke ndio ujue GF wako ni malaya

    I get your point but the good thing is that she chipped in without much farce. As much as we should remain stoic as men we should also remember that times have changed. Our girls have been empowered and this should work to our advantage in families, though in the dating scene it's a different...
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    Subaru Boys- Get broke ndio ujue GF wako ni malaya

    You failed to read the signs. A working woman that loves you and wants to settle with you should at least cater to some of the little stuff in the house. Its a sign of selfishness when she can't even buy milk, it makes you wonder why is she working anyway!?? These are telltale signs of a lady...
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    focus kijana
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    Are there Subarus that have turbo which you can switch on and off? I remember driving this Vauxhall which had turbo that you could switch on and off. This was quite good coz u could engage it in highways and zoom past hapless drivers and switch it off in town traffic.
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    Dark Days ahead for China

    do you have any link on these stories of Eu and US fallout with China?
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    Hows your consump

    12-13km/l town/jam driving 15-17km/l highway driving 1500cc Corolla
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    Best first car, budget 500k max.

    You can get a KCA make 2010 Toyota ractis going for 490k. 1500cc car with big space and large 15inch tyres. Company owned car with maintenance record. Inbox me if interested.
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    I am looking for a job as stated above. Any leads will be highly appreciated. I can do boqs for banks, tenders and advise on feasibility of projects among other numerous roles. I will appreciate your offers and leads. Willing to pay commission.
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    North Eastern People Support All Shabaab

    ''Somalis hate black people'' what sort of ignorance plagues some people!? So suddenly Somalis have become Caucasians or Arabs. The fuckers are still negroid like the rest of us the only difference is that they are mostly Islamic and have different hair texture. Even Samburru and Borana have the...
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    Job opportunities

    una ufala.. What world do you live in? So u pay ur mboch 30k or sth. Let's not lie tp ourselves. Some jobs are on the minimum wage and this is what is being offered here.
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    Job opportunities

    Looking for a person who can be giving me people to work as janitors starting from today. Around 20 people are required each month and their average pay is 13k with nssf and nhif sorted. Currently require 6 people to be posted immediately. They will be cleaning places like malls, banks, offices...
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    Good point man!
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    Hio story ya confidence inaniworry. Itabidi nikue macho sana.
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    Don't wanna imagine. My eyes are on them. SAA hii cz ni suspicions, can't act.
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    Alikua amenishow ataenda out na magfs wake and I also saw picha walipigwa masaa ya SAA nne na convos connected to that. Lakini hapo kwa kweli nilizubaa cz they was no bad precedent lakini from now henceforth no dinners, lunches with men. Kama ni biashara or job simu imetosha.
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    But then why does the society allow women to go to school if they shouldn't practise that knowledge later in life. From your statements, it's better off women; our sisters, mothers wakae nyumbani tu cz wakisoma na waanze kufanya kazi, ni lazima watapeana kuma.
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    Were the women married?