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    Omosh and alcoholism

    Hii story ya omosh got me comes some of us can drink recreationally every weekend and still make some incremental progress in life? Yet jamaa kama omosh amekojolea pesa yote less than three months after kuokolewa na wakenya and embarrasing himself and his whole clan on live...
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    2014 BMW X1 E84

    Thinkinng of picking this baby up soon, leteni maoni. Xdrive or Sdrive? Any realibility issues that i should be aware of? TIA
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    Who has noticed that time is flying in '21?

    I mean it was just the other day we were singing twedi twedi. Now january 2022 seems like it is just a few weeks to go. I am led to believe that 2021 must be a shorter year
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    Bitcoin & Elon Musk

    JUST IN: Bitcoin price falls sharply after Telsa suspends accepting the cryptocurrency for vehicle purchases. This earth is HARD! I remember seeing @Azor Ahai's post about how BTC is on its deathbed like a month or two ago. Luckily, i also shared the same insights as him and liquidated at kedu...