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    Back shot

    I'm hating myself for agreeing to 'backstab' a hooker in some club in town. The hooker was curvy and light-skinned and we struck a convo as Arsenal was being outplayed by Mancity. Thereafter we got down to business and after some few strokes, she suggested I can f**k her in SIM2 provided I give...
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    Are there Subarus that have turbo which you can switch on and off? I remember driving this Vauxhall which had turbo that you could switch on and off. This was quite good coz u could engage it in highways and zoom past hapless drivers and switch it off in town traffic.
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    I am looking for a job as stated above. Any leads will be highly appreciated. I can do boqs for banks, tenders and advise on feasibility of projects among other numerous roles. I will appreciate your offers and leads. Willing to pay commission.
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    Job opportunities

    Looking for a person who can be giving me people to work as janitors starting from today. Around 20 people are required each month and their average pay is 13k with nssf and nhif sorted. Currently require 6 people to be posted immediately. They will be cleaning places like malls, banks, offices...
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    Some men are surely breaking the bro code without a care in this world. My wife works for a company where she heads a department. So there is a guy who transacts business with the company and my wife is her contact. One time when we were out with my lady, he saw us, approached us and we shared a...
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    Contacts,call and message hide

    Planning to upgrade to a good Samsung phone or even iPhone nikikisarika sana. Saa hii natumia an infinix and one feature that has impressed me is the xhide. Unaeza ficha kila kitu from calls,messages,videos,pictures and apps. For the calls and messages, you have an option of saving your own...
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    Club luxx donholm

    The above club was formerly choma base was refurbished and its now swanky clean...however I'm here on a Sunday evening and no revellers..guess watu Wa eastlando hawana pesa..ingekua thika rd ingekua imejaa mbaya!
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    Some employer's can be heartless. Imagine, hiring someone then 3 months down the line you want to fire them due to 'redundancy', having given them a 2 years contract. To add salt to injury, the employer hired 5 foreigners in the past one month. What sort of fuckery is that? I asssume the...
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    Job opportunities

    I need a steady supply of cleaners most preferably people from Kibera and Kawangware or any other areas near Ngong rd. Any one with contacts should inbox.
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    available fertile farmland

    I have a 5 acre farm that was inherited. It's in Nyeri. Currently, it has 500 trees of coffee, and the rest has been rented out. However, I find renting out to be counterproductive since the soils get depleted whereas the payments are very meagre. My challenge is I have zero farming experience...
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    Hot milf had a threesome. Video iko wapi wadau!?
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    Hii kitu imenichizisha. Av now relapsed ....bora uhai
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    Just been diagnosed with psoriasis. I never thought I could get a chronic disease but this just goes to show how unpredictable life is. Never boast about your looks you just never know!
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    BET YA 20K

    ABOUT KUEKELEA TEAM 3 Barcelona - Leganes 1 1X2 1.12 1323 Bundesliga Augsburg - Bayern Munich 2 1X2 1.45 2840 Stoke City - Tottenham 2 1X2 1.30 MULTIPLE Odds 2.11 Amount 20000 KES Bonus 0.00 KES Pot. Winnings 42,224 KES COMBINED MULTIPLE MAONI???
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    For the Man u fans and football lovers in general....Do you agree? Im a blue supporter and I kinda agree. Mourinho's game is not suited for traditional big clubs like Manchester...
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    CAR AC

    Its raining too hard. Without AC you can easily cause an accident due to poor visibility caused by building up of frost on windows. This is what I'm experiencing. My AC is only turning cold but can't warm the car nor defrost the windows. Whats the solution?
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    mafala wa IT from a sister company wameeka firewall for mobile wifi. Simply put, you cannot access wifi via phone which is quite agonising. Ni kama kukua na fobe kwa fridge lakini madam anafunga fridge na kuficha key. IT gurus saidieni mraia!!
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    Steering wheel noise

    Guys, produces a creaking sound once you turn the steering wheel at low speeds. Ive read it can be damaged tie rods. How much do they cost for a Toyota Nze plus labour?
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    Ur favorite whore house has just been reopened. There is an offer to go with the reopening. Buy 10gb get 1gb free. #Team Greencourt
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    Kenya!!!we are courting disaster!

    Post-vote sins haunt Kawangware residents WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 1 2017 Nasa supporters gesture towards Kenyan riot police as they wait for the re-elections results on October 30, 2017 at Kawangware in Nairobi. PHOTO | FREDRIK LERNERYD | AFP In Summary The polarised political...