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  1. King'aui

    18+ Not Again

    Who are they?
  2. King'aui

    Insulting Other People's Mothers

    @PHARMACY , if you had some sense of humour ungechorea hii chokosh. You don't wrestle a pig Kwa matope unless hujipendi. Just ignore and enjoy your existence here.
  3. King'aui

    A or B?

  4. King'aui


    Man u 2-1 Liverpool
  5. King'aui

    New villagers beware . Caveat emptor

    :D:D:D ukitai vyu na mwamina muyosa room sino ii sya andu
  6. King'aui

    New villagers beware . Caveat emptor

    @PHARMACY lakini izo sweeps hii ghasia ukupiga unafaa kutap out tu roho safi:D:D:D
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    :D:D:Dlow blow
  8. King'aui

    Picture Of The Month....

  9. King'aui

    Safaricon wanarusha mtama..

    Dial *444# utapata 1.75 GB na sh.20 valid for 3 hours
  10. King'aui

    What is the best phone I can get with a budget of Ksh. 15,000?

    9T ni Kali.Endea hio ya 128 GB.
  11. King'aui

    Explicit Mecho ing'are na Shydol

    Why are you g** kasee?
  12. King'aui

    Piga luku brathe

    :D:D:Dchokosh wars
  13. King'aui

    Preparing dinner for parents

    Kazi Safi bro
  14. King'aui

    Lost talkers

    @gashwin, jakipash walienda wapi?
  15. King'aui

    Panyeste was right about watu wa ocha

    Ongea kisapere tutaelewa tu
  16. King'aui

    Another reason to avoid single mothers

    What he says is the truth not hatred
  17. King'aui

    Explicit Our 2022 President Mukhisha Kitui

    Lakini hii mali anatafuna siezi mind!