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  1. Beast

    Ifikie Wazazi

    Let the kids be. Hata nyinyi enzi zenu you used to sneak out at night kuenda "jam session". These kids are just doing the same, only that we're in the ICT age where this stuff happens digitally. So, in my opinion, I see nothing wrong.
  2. Beast

    Driving Schools - Nairobi

    The prices have since risen of course. Last I checked Rocky was at kitu Ksh11,000 for 20 lessons. Plus you have to beba kitu kidogo for the instructor. So, roughly, you should expect to spend close to Ksh15,000 for the course. If I was to undertake the driving lessons once again, I'd settle for...
  3. Beast

    laptop below 25k

    Okay, a quick you want to tell me an exUK's machine battery lasts longer than a brand new laptops? I am planning to buy a new laptop soon. @Kinyani @123tokambio how do I tell that it has a 4th gen processor and above? Any pointers to look out for?
  4. Beast

    Explicit Mannerless talkers

    Tuliona Jomo Kenyatta akiwa bado anasoma meter bills za maji pale Parklands, 1918.
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    Nouma sanar! (Inset DJ sound effect).
  6. Beast

    Safisheni mecho - Best Washing Machine

    Need I say more?
  7. Beast

    Rwandese threshold

    Inaitwa Kachabari, it's shared btn UG and Rwanda. They normally pull out pu**y-lips when girls reach a certain only need to tap the girl with your d*ck for a maximum of 60 seconds and she will be squirting to the high heavens. It's so easy to "satisfy" them because you don't have to...
  8. Beast

    Jamaa anaamka kukula mbotch usiku

    Ngui dare you waste an elders time???
  9. Beast

    Breaking threshold records pale SLUM

    Moaning is not always fake...kuna time hua unatandika kitu vizuri ukifikisha threshold mpya unapewa moaning. Lakini wasapere don't moan easily...jaribu kisii ama mkamba or at least hawa madem wame-grow up tao and they've been watching porn...they believe moaning is a must, so wanaweza kuchocha...
  10. Beast

    Nataka Ka-Moja !!

    I have also given you, system inangoja umee futhe ndio ukuwe enrolled kama village elder.
  11. Beast

    Explicit Kisii sound track...noma sana

    Rink >>
  12. Beast

    leo ni rematch

    This story remains null and void until photographic, video or audio evidence is shared and certified by at least 5 elders.
  13. Beast

    Explicit *** Tape

    Stupid newbie...keep off all my posts.
  14. Beast

    RE: Un-decent dressing in Nyeri

    This lady is just a Bimbo. Badala aseme "Indecently" anasema "Undecently"...aaargh. I am sure she was nominated juu anajua kuanikia mheshimiwa fulani somewhere. Bimbo!
  15. Beast

    Explicit *** Tape

    Noogle! Weka kitu inaplay.
  16. Beast

    Hii MILF ikinipanulia atajua hajui

    Kuna watu walirogwa kwa hii kijiji.
  17. Beast

    K.U Unicity Mall

    Wacha uongo. You only need to find fun things that will keep millenials engaged within a mall and they'll come. Kama hapo KU ukaweze weka vitu kama 7D studios I am sure unaweza okota okota.
  18. Beast

    K.U Unicity Mall

    Yeah, I agree. Let's not sit there and laugh at KU for building Unicity Mall. It's a good idea to support our very those who can afford to set-up business over there just go ahead and we will come shopping.
  19. Beast


    Niko na milk ATM hapa Nairobi. Mwambie kama anaweza fikisha huku naweza nunua. Otherwise ng'ombe za Githunguri zitatusort tu.