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    Private investigator Jane Mugo attacked, injured in Eldoret

    Huyo ni Kama alifuatilia kesi ya bigwig
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    HIV vaccine -short term though

    Hata tenifovir/ lamivudine is alternative regimen . Hiyo box ya white na blue huko
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    HIV vaccine -short term though

    Hata tenifovir/ lamovudine is alternative regimen
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    HIV vaccine -short term though

    Wewe ndio hujui. We are having issues of adherence with PrEP clients because of hii attitude. Mnadhani ni kitu unameza Mara Moja na inaisha hivo. PrEP clients are handled just like CCC clients. They are given unique numbers, captured in daily activity registeres, booked in a diary and even...
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    HIV vaccine -short term though

    Client wa PEP Hana tofauti na client wa HIV. For PEP to be effective you have to take it daily for at least 30 days so long as you are still exposed to the risk. Ukimeza leo na kesho uende dry fry utajua haujui
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    99% of MGTOW are Peasants

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    Cyprian Nyakundi namalisa slay queen

    Nyinyi mnacheka ulemavu, some people have underlying Medical issue
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    Wanaume wanapitia shida kwenye ndoa....

    Ni scripted but it's what many married men go through. To some extend ndoa favor women more
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    Hata picha ya spare part...
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    Another Kalenjin Institution bites the dust.

    Ujumbe ni kwamba you guys steal with impunity, we saw that in moi and ruto has confirmed it. Bure kabisa!
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    Emotional instability

    Mtaachana tu na huyo single mother
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    Loyalty Tests

    Huwa scripted
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    Jamaa anakaa amechapa makali
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    Corporate bosses

    Hizo sio position za kuenda interview na kupata kazi. You require alot of influence from share holders
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    Wrangles of inherited land

    I The guy needs a stopper otherwise atauza Hadi yenye wazazi wako ndani
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    Wrangles of inherited land

    Buying and selling land in ushago is very simple. You only need liguru, subchief, chief and two witnesses from both parties. The deal is done
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    Wrangles of inherited land

    Ushago if the buyer is not keen anauziwa shamba kimalamala. Haina procedure ndefu kama nai
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    Wrangles of inherited land

    Mtu auze yake lakini usiguze ya wenzako
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    Wrangles of inherited land

    Shamba was bought by parents. It's not like we solely depend on that land but we feel it's unfair since everyone was allocated his/her portion
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    Wrangles of inherited land

    Tittle is still under one name, we are in the process of changing ownership for the pieces of land allocated.him being the first born is the custodian of all papers.