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  1. Smoking Joe

    My Wife's Ex

    Everybody has that Ex, who you still in contact or maybe have a thing. Sasa before I met my wife that around 13 yrs ago, Her former boyfie happened to have flown to these Scandinavia countries. So this morning nikiwa shower, my wife calls this no. which on her phone display 6 missed calls and a...
  2. Smoking Joe

    Here comes the hardest part in ones life.

    As i was perusing posts pale kwa zukerberg, got this photo. This lady stays in my hood nanishai fikisha threshold but obvious i had lapped my johnie. Before hitting it, nilijua ni poko lakini, ni wale you cant resist. Inakaa pia huyu jamaa realized she's a hooker akaona amuharibie jina (just...
  3. Smoking Joe

    GBwhatsApp 6.0
  4. Smoking Joe

    Hessy warning

    Ndugu ya @uwesmake has been warned !