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  1. Southern Comfort

    Admin bring back the old siteor else....

    Admin bring back the old Ktalk or else niende porn hub.. hatutasumbuana hivi nanii
  2. Southern Comfort

    Babu owino finally clears the air

    since that clip serviced where babu owino shouted "nataka kuambia huyo marehemu matiangi kwamba simwogopi" at a rally.... he has been hiding in parliament buildings for fear of possible arrest.. but the fierce city lawmaker has cleared the air and said that he was referring to his childhood...
  3. Southern Comfort


    a blogger being charged 500,000 while a penalty for carrying a plastic bag is 2000 000 yet elsewhere somebody planning to overthrow a legitimately elected government is being fined 50,000.. hata makanga huwa hawabebani ujinga hivi stage. pia wamama wa soko husomana ujinga pale kibandasky...
  4. Southern Comfort


    demontsrations on twitter as people burn tyres and blocking roads online demanding for the immediate release of miguna miguna.. the whole place issa mess.. total chaos.
  5. Southern Comfort


    MigunaMiguna arrested for smashing a slyqueen live on camera wearing his signature white hat for a whole five good seconds.. we are back to the dark days #MigunaMigunaArrested
  6. Southern Comfort


    "Revolutions are not led by people who have state security. Revolutions are not led by people who must be driven to the place where the revolutions are taking place" - Mustafa Ali.
  7. Southern Comfort


    Kalonzo Musyoka is demanding STATE protection as be prepares to 'overthrow' the STATE. mayoo
  8. Southern Comfort

    15 minutes to 2pm

    15 minutes then dance for another 20.. will already be past the Constitutional limit of 2pm.. so it will just be a circus. Sad for these supporters
  9. Southern Comfort


    NTV and Citizen TV are off air from my end...
  10. Southern Comfort


    as we are swearing in blah blah blah slave trade in libya is on climax.. libyans pouring molten plastic on Black skin, and gasburning rats covered with overturned aluminium cans on peoples' bare backs untill they are completely cooked.. i thought that shit only happens in fast furious
  11. Southern Comfort

    its all systems go

    naskia already wametafuta msee wa "mtukufu rais, zinazopita angani saa hii ni ndege aina ya eagle, ama ukipenda..mwewe, ambaye ni ndege mla nyama,, ana uwezo wa kuspot kuku akiwa takriban kilomita hamsini juu angani.. na anawezashuka kwa mwendo wa 105km/h na kumnyakua huyo kuku na kumfanyia...
  12. Southern Comfort

    uhuru park derby

    some church has also booked uhuru park for a major prayer rally.. so it'll be a chaos derby between nasa, police, business community and the church.. hapa kwa bet yako weka GG ama uwekee police double chance
  13. Southern Comfort

    reggae vibes afternoon

    nimekaanzisha na just friends riddim.. next on the playlist is "help the needy riddim".. na katambe....
  14. Southern Comfort

    HAPpy new year talkers

    . ㊗Happy new year ✨✨✨✨ ╗╔╔╗╔╗╔╗╗╔ ╠╣╠╣╠╝╠╝╚╣ new year ✨✨ ✨✨✨✨ ✨✨✨✨✨✨
  15. Southern Comfort

    just a reminder

    be a good citizen. ukishikwa leo kuachiliwa ni Wednesday. merry christmas talkers
  16. Southern Comfort

    The matiangi effect

    Sasa matiangi angekuwa kwa ministry of health si watoto wangekuwa wanazaliwa immediately after sex
  17. Southern Comfort

    Is this True?

    Once you find urself arguing with a baba supporter expect the words "Mama yako" to pop up from nowhere into that converstion. But why? Maybe It aint a big deal to them. Depends alot on one's upbringing
  18. Southern Comfort

    Ruto Purchases 100 Nanny Goats. Pesa otas

    Dp ruto left many shocked in Baringo where he had been invited for a cultural event after he landed with 12 million in cash and used it to purchase 100 Goats. That means that the Dp purchased each goat at 120,000ksh in the auctioning event
  19. Southern Comfort

    LMFAO Give Waititu a break

    Shock as Gov waititu congratulates all children who passed away with frying colours.. Surely kenyans
  20. Southern Comfort

    We need Action. Something must be done

    Wengine waliangusha gari Konda na ndere wakibishana ama Mtoto wa ngamia ni nga50.. Something must be done.. This is way too much