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    The govt that ferrod is praising

    The govt that ferrod masho is praising is going to do one of the most heinous violation of human rights : each kenyan is going to be monitored/tracked through GPS to find their exact location so as to prevent tax cheats! Yes you heard it prevent tax cheats. And I quote " The system will also...
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    Looking for a plot near kabarak university

    Wadau, a friend just got a job hapo kwa hiyo kabarak university . He wants to settle there. He wants to buy a plot to build. Please any leads to any agent is welcome.
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    Cohen Down

    My @Purple @patco @Markymarc its going down. Michael Cohen is pleading guilty to charges. So what did he give away to get a lesser charge. Dont *** with quiet people like Mueller. Shit is going down...meanwhile white house counsel has met Mueller a total of 30 hrs. What info was he giving all...
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    Any KRA specialist around

    Guys mimi niko abroad. Im in the process of buying property hapo isinya and its kinda frustrating. so im told that i have to pay capital gain tax if the property has to be transfered to my name. Sina shida na hiyo . im to pay a total of 100k, no problem ill pay that. Shida ni when paying that...
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    Lets steal a muthafuckin plane! yeah hell yeah only in the USA.

    hii ndege ilinipita and i was like whats wrong with this pilot juu there was something wrong with it but nilipuuza . later read on cnn that its another privileged white boy doing what they like doing best and blame it on loose nut somewhere
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    Kenyans, be grateful of MAU Forest.Protect it with all your heart

    I happen to have visited my friend who works in one of the labs hapa west coast. Since he is someone senior, he has security clearance to go most of places. So his task today was to get some water samples from sewage treatment plant to check for contaminating and if all bacterias were...
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    China to increase military presence in Africa

    For decades, China's presence in Africa has largely focused on economic, commercial and peacekeeping activities. Now, Beijing is building on that by establishing greater military links to protect its national assets on the continent and gain greater geopolitical influence. The People's...
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    Deorro Chinese chieth

    Fungua server na form 13A
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    70% employment of locals in counties .

    For once we have some parliamentarians who look beyond their tribal lines. In line with this I want to welcome my fellow diasporan @Purple what's your defence . Parliament has summoned two counties over controversial bills that seek to restrict 70 per cent of all employment in public entities...
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    Things women do to men? ? 2

    From my previous hekaya: So my friend was released because after the lady went to California ,she refused to turn out to testify against him. Our only hope is that it remains that way till 6 months are over...
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    Everyman falls truly in love only once. After that ni hekaya.

    Today I was driving my old 1996 Honda civic along one of the highways. I happened to tune to station 103.6 since my journey was 3 hrs. A song played that took me back to 1999 when I truly loved this girl Mercy. I gave my all, my time and my resources. She was my dream wife and never wanted to...
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    Things women do to men? ?

    I’m seated here at my patio looking outside and trying to add things up on how I got here. I just drowned two shots of some Mexicans gin I randomly picked from the fridge to help me think through but still I can’t. This is how it all started: My friend has been dating a Kenyan lady from...
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    Music for Grieving Process- Post Election

    I came across this songs and it's so calming . Cools the negative energy with peace . Feel free to post yours too
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    Looking for a tire

    I'm looking for maxxis 205/65 R16 95h. Nimeulizia and no one has it. Who can help and how much is it? I need 4 of them .
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    Interesting story - diaspora

    Findings Now I was combing through newspaper ya home and this is what I came across "A jury in the state of New Jersey on Wednesday convicted a couple on federal charges of smuggling a Kenyan woman into the US and exploiting her for domestic labour and child care. Michael and Mary Wood could...
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    These two ladies kwa ofisi

    Guys I have a mini problem . Maybe I'm fantasizing or something . Now there are these two ladies kazini: one is white and the other is black. So everytime I pass by when they are talking girlish stuff, one or the other says " look at my wife ,she looks good today", halafu the one talking...
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    Coming back home -diaspora

    I have lived my life abroad and iv had enough of it. I think it's time for me to come back home and do something meaningful with myself. I have 3M with me per today.. 1 Is there any ktalker who has come home from abroad and sailed through easily ? 2 What business ideas can I do with 3M Any...