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  1. gribi

    think going to hell would be good for some people

    these guys who think they can treat girls like trash deserve worse treatment. i wish they don't even sire daughters. WAPATE g** BOYS BLOODY FUCKIN....
  2. gribi

    haiya tunaferk admin kwanini...

    shida ni nini hapa, admin tumferk kwanini..
  3. gribi

    side chick issues...

    Wanja Kavengi Yesterday at 11:12 · If your name is Jay and you live in Westy, and you went to South Africa last week for business and came back this week, and you like hanging out at some place called Brew Bistro, but sometimes you chill at a place called Caramel Lounge, and you have a side...
  4. gribi

    Dry fry (relationship decider)

    i have a bad habit of fucking a girl three times and moving on. i dont do pokos its not in my system but the girls i meet could also qualify as masked pokos cause they ask for funds in a slightly less more dignified way. The problem i get is after we start fucking, the girls normally ask that...
  5. gribi

    gals and tattoos

    whats the fascination with gals having tattoos, is it a sign ni manga ama they find it sexy, kwanza hio bitch stamp is becoming irritating, nisaidieni.....
  6. gribi

    why is it a problem getting rid of an ex

    this maneno of keeping in touch with ex's uleta shida, they call anytime and want to come kejani for one reason or other...they will be mad if they meet up with a temp resident na anajua we just friends.
  7. gribi

    unknown stalker

    just been sent a screen shot of me being a screen saver for some girl ata sijui....simind by the way. lakini eish.