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  1. Parabolica

    WWE meets F1

    What’s the story?Triple H has reportedly gifted F1 savant Lewis Hamilton a custom WWE title belt ahead of the promotion’s live events in Abu Dhabi. With Hamilton set to compete in Abu Dhabi, Triple H sent the Formula 1 racer best wishes, while also inviting him to WWE’s house shows on December...
  2. Parabolica

    Circuit Spa - Francorschamps

    The 2nd half of the Formula 1 calendar is here & Belgium is the host this weekend. Make your predictions on who to get pole - will The Scuderia take the qualifying battle to Hamilton & his MercedesAMG Petronas team or the headlines at these power circuits will remain constant ?
  3. Parabolica

    18+ Principle of Least Interest

    Why The Person Who Cares Less Always Has The Power In A Relationship Jul 31, 2017. As soon as a woman shows a man any interest whatsoever, it usually isn't long before our interest in her begins to dwindle. It's not by design, and it certainly doesn't stem from an opposition to attention —...
  4. Parabolica

    Vettel Petulance Penalty

    Formula 1 waits on FIA over Vettel incident 8:48 – The FIA will convene today (Monday) in order to evaluate whether further action is necessary against Sebastian Vettel over the Baku controversy, as F1 awaits a decision, and its potential impact on the title fight. A civil championship battle...
  5. Parabolica

    Formula 1

    Formula 1; Azerbaijan GP
  6. Parabolica

    Hitting on Established Mamas

    Ok guys, is it really myself or other species of my type still left out there ? Until recently I was just some conventional red blooded Kenyan test tube result. Now it seems all that has changed. I've begun having a fetish for older mamas, and by older I mean the ones in their 30s & early 40s...