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  1. byro

    Queensway Money ( Juicy details)

    If not fake, why are they covering up their faces?
  2. byro

    Si hii kitu iko sawa?

  3. byro

    Si hii kitu iko sawa?

    Everyone nowadays is a comedian at the click of a button. Wonder who finds it funny..but those thighs are thick.
  4. byro

    Xiomi Redmi 6 Low Speaker Sound Quality

    Had one but never encountered such problems. Regional Naomi dealer @Deorro can tell us more
  5. byro

    Not all pu**y has to be eaten

    For once leo umeongea sense.
  6. byro

    Hekaya! Hekaya! Hekaya njoo!

    This is the best of swahili sanifu in ktalk?
  7. byro

    Mukami Wambora Ghaiii!

    Eskimos are people too.
  8. byro

    Ads are not hiding it anymore

    With government fucking kenyans each and every day, ads are bored trying to sweet talk us.
  9. byro

    I need to quit drinking right now!!

    Tafta kunguru. Ikatie na pesa. Thank me later
  10. byro

    Kunguru mlisema vipi? Of dad, daughter and prison.

    Najua mliwatch news but kwa wale hawakuona....
  11. byro

    She wasn't there to please the white man.

    "Natural selection would sooner or later take the predator out because it offsets the balance"
  12. byro

    Android has stopped..

    Thats the end of the another.
  13. byro

    Confessions of Mega Pastors

    they are human too..
  14. byro

    How do you teach kissing

    If she is kissing like a nutcase, wife her. If she is throwing all her toungue deep down your throat, wife her nigga.
  15. byro

    Fina Seconds to Disaster. Plane Crash

    That's a render.
  16. byro

    Tanzania: Julius Kambarage Nyerere International Airport Terminal III 98% Complete

    :D:D:D:D this is how go f**k yourself looks like.
  17. byro

    qualification moja ya kuwa konda ni kuiva matusi

    Kwanza huyo anarecord ni dume.... Cowards.
  18. byro

    Members, Kindly recommend/advice on best drone.

    You serious on that dude? Twice the drone amount goes through licensing,that's crazy!
  19. byro

    Scary Momments with my Side Chick

    Naona bado uko kwa case yangu. wamekutia bol nini pia nikuoe?