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  1. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Nitawacha kununua hawkers items nikiwa kwa chuom

    Hayo tuu....unajikokota na pombe ndio usi-overspend alafu unaona hawker anatembea na stuff (i think some have figured i buy impulse when tipsy). Worse still is when you have been in more than one spot alafu unasahau package mahali. There are some locals wanaweza sema okay Halfjadhe ndio alikuwa...
  2. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Chinabuye alternative(s) - to Import from china via post

    I used to import small gadgets (envelope package-sized; flashdisks, memcards, watches, cables) from Chinabuye and they would ship free as long as its China Post and as long as you want to wait 30 days. (You had to pay more if you want them faster). However since the site closed or got bought by...
  3. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Brocode ni upuzi mamen!

    So kuna huyu beshte yangu from childhood tight kabisa back then....grown up together, jirani wa karibu but tuka poteana campus manenoz but kept in touch (siku za yahoo messenger, post cards, Hi5 ikakam). Ile za ata if the parents travel alikuwa ananistua mapema so yani asubuhi na jioni...
  4. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Essar Telkom - (YuMobile)

    The cellular services company which was popular around 2008 to 2014 therabouts closed and a lot of its infrastructure was bought out by both Saf and Airtel. Is there anyone with work history at Essar or knows someone who worked there? Big question is what happened to the staff/employees and did...
  5. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    18+ Modern Portfolio Theory – Away games can be maneuvered

    If you are at that level just try and segregate your shoot-list. Madem you already smash or you plan to smash. Waweke kwa different segments and observe them. Heck… you can even have an excel sheet where you update new market findings as u keep observing them. Group them according to types. Kuna...
  6. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Ati dem ya Crazydude amefanya nini?

    Ahahahahahah #JackyMariBAE
  7. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Masaibu ya Kafiri

    Shida nimekuwa nayo wadau. FWBs wawili ni hijab-wearers kumanisha wote saa hii wameweka hand brake. Wacha kukamuana ....Yani hata nudes hazi come through. Substitute bench mwenye ameshikilia game yake iko down tuu yani! Last option huwa babymamma. Always available but not exclusive if u get...
  8. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    National Shortage of Postinor2

    Chungeni wadau!
  9. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Servicing a gun is slang for wanking - Shebesh Fiasco

    Was he Kawasakiiing? Ama servicing his gun ni kusema nini? It was slang for wanking when I was in primo yani. With that in mind, these excerpts from the family statement just make me laugh at the whole scenario. 1) My husband is a GUN expert 2) He runs a shooting range where he trains...
  10. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Sausage skin

    For those who made home-made sausages (or those "Designer"sausages). Where can you get that ka-sausage skin, if you have the machine and the ingredients in check?
  11. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Can Paka 1 give us a status update on the Sigiri bridge? that he struck it off his notes we are just in the dark. Nini iifanyika huko?
  12. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Yule dem alianikwa Kisumu Dads na sponsor ameaga

    If you remember this post here some while back Rest In Peace The scary aspect of the story is the sponsor had "foretold" her death later on yet another of his posts.
  13. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    AIM Global

    Is it worth my time ama ni uswara kama akina GNLD, Tianshi? Kuna hunnie ananipressure niingie
  14. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Which make of military tanks does Kenya have?

    both tracked and wheeled ..... majamaa KDF wako wapi?
  15. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Zuku drama here - Saidia yawa

    So I have this TV & Internet connection for Zuku right......but for about 4 months I have had internet working okay but the TV decorder does not work. It says "network cable not plugged in" though it is on the right port. (port 4). Tried refreshes, changing ports, calling the customer care etc...
  16. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Tumbaku - Chavyez (Toeni maoni hapa)

    Stuck in some sort of debate here. This Chavyez/Tumbaku things that are a hype with a certain crowd ....especially for weekend chilling, after kuchana/keg. What are some pros and cons you know about that stuff. (its like a powder you put in between your lips and just nyonya like 'kuber'....once...
  17. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Youtube: This video is not available in your country

    Kama umeamua you are uploading a public video.....why block guys from some country from watching it? Unaumia wapi? Do you quite understand this level of stinginess? I used to think its mambo na copyrights but again why is it on Youtube basi?
  18. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Niaje MILFs hawamind ukimwaga ndani?

    Just read a story about that guy here who burnt his deek akimanga mcoastie and it occurs to me. MOST of the mamas whove agreed i mwaga inside are matures. Mayoungins n college types on the other hand keep on stuka stukaring ati what if cd bursts forget even storoz with dryfry kabisaa. There is a...
  19. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Drop your nice telegram groups here

    List them moja moja sana sana za uhondo, makashfa na matako. I realized that most of the telegram groups I am in just people sharing newspapers, traffic alerts and all those things not worth my time. Wekeni links moto moto kabla Paka 1 apitishe ile ICT bill.