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  1. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    So if you date someone because of what they have , what happens if they lose their belongings due to life crisis ? Do you leave or ???

    Hehehe. You dont even need to lose it.....they just find a person with more than you and they will look for excuses to leave
  2. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Crash Site Scene of the Ethiopian Airline ET 302

    Some families are scattered across the globe....there only way to feel togetherness when other family members are at the scene
  3. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    nani mwingine ana beshte ka huyu

    Tenwek ....
  4. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Where to adapt a child.

    You can use a 5 volts outlet, a computer USB, powervank Adaptors are many
  5. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    While Kenya is looting itself, Rwanda just launched a satellite to Space.

    You can launch any satellite but what matters is what it can do....kama hiyo ya Kenya itasaidia nani isipokua vloggers wa make-up na watu kama akina Ramma. (Since its for "light" audio n video whatever)
  6. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Zuku or Safaricom Fibre. My final decision!

    The way Zuku started behaving its like they are sure they won't be around for a long time. Increasing subscription fees and forcing people to change fwaa...then saying u get some 50% off if u reconnect within a certain time....of which not all customers get. (Selective treatment and packages...
  7. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Advice from an Alpha Kunguru

    These shamba Chic's are the ones who taste a little money on "public likes" and start setting new standards for u. All of a sudden the life you afford for her is sweet but she gets the idea there is something sweeter out there utakuwa unapigiwa tuu simu na macousin ati babymama ameketia gukaa...
  8. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Nitawacha kununua hawkers items nikiwa kwa chuom

    Hayo tuu....unajikokota na pombe ndio usi-overspend alafu unaona hawker anatembea na stuff (i think some have figured i buy impulse when tipsy). Worse still is when you have been in more than one spot alafu unasahau package mahali. There are some locals wanaweza sema okay Halfjadhe ndio alikuwa...
  9. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk


    Sio nyinyi mlikuwa mnatutombea madem tukiwa campo?
  10. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Heroin In Westlands ( fresh off the boat)

    How did they even figure him out.....hii ni kunguru alimstaki
  11. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    What to do when you are caught in a huge blunder

    This is how cheating hos defend their outsourced pregnancies when the man discovers. Ati ooooh just take him as yours....he could be the next Obama.
  12. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Do You Think Antinatalists Have A Point ?

    Them they were born via Bluetooth?
  13. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Women can be Naive Sometimes.

    1) Women in general use sex as a reward system 2) Kenyan women specifically these urban Kungurus have a set of like 3-4 different guys who they get something from and will offer sex whether they like these people or not.....i.e there is 2A) The ugly, potbellied shagzmondo sponsor in his 60s...
  14. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Deorro lipa ngata acha mbayambaya omera!

    Gari ya beste yake.....akastan dem valentines
  15. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Jeff Bezos

    How did they get graphic images? Hehehe wait.....he took nudes sindio?
  16. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Good campus hustle

    Combine this with something....coz i foresee u getting more clients outside campus? Like ask yourself how many of these you can sell in a week, workout the margin etc.
  17. Halfjadhe Halfkyuk

    Colleagues who fart in the office

    Favorite evil hobby. Take one royco beef cube (chew small rice sized bites over spaced timeframe) the night before uone vile zitatoka na joto.