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  1. Kamjesh

    WhatsApp movies download group

    Thanks to Safaricon's free WhatsApp after bundles. Someone please share a movies download group link(s). Am currently on Daily Newspapers group and enjoying it.
  2. Kamjesh

    Articles and Academic writing gurus

    Am thinking of develoing a product /system/website for the growing number of people venturing into this. Naelewa kumekuwa na challenges of late. Let me understand the challenges you are facing and suggestion. Including account re-sellers and managers. Wale hamtaki ijulikane his ndio hustle...
  3. Kamjesh

    Kenya Power Bail=Power blackout in court

    KPLC can really pull any string! Blackout in court today amidst Kenya power bosses bail application!
  4. Kamjesh

    Anybody doing GPU mining for Altcoins? Saidia

    Any links to local firm/people mining altcoins using GPU. Need advice. Urgent
  5. Kamjesh

    Best wifi Hotspot manager

    Where or how can I get a wifi Hotspot manager like the one at the airport?
  6. Kamjesh

    I need a girl

  7. Kamjesh

    Chicken Business in Kenya

    Why is the chicken business bubble not bursting? Like the quail eggs and rabbit biz?
  8. Kamjesh

    There may be more posts after this

    Is it just me or am I seeing Raila going for the seat again in 2022?
  9. Kamjesh

    Why Coca Cola making Booze is like... like Size 8 reverting to secular songs. But am sure they will tell us what the Tano Tena guy's just a song! It's just a drink! Looking forward for the lauch. EABL should consider relaunching Alvaro, Malta Guiness and the likes.
  10. Kamjesh

    Hotspot Billing System

    Anybody with an easy to implement Portable Hotspot Billing software. One with a customizable homepage. I will appreciate. If it resides in a router or something of the sort the better.
  11. Kamjesh

    How viable is provision of home wifi in estates?

    With the poliferation of 4G from players like JTL Faiba, is WiFi provision to homes still a viable idea. Anybody who is an ISP and providing WiFi net to end users please advice.
  12. Kamjesh

    Old KTalk Vs New KTalk... cast your vote.

  13. Kamjesh

    About the New look KTalk...

    The new look Ktalk is cool. Seems mobile ready. Calmer color and great response. But am....
  14. Kamjesh

    Utorrent not downloading

    Am I the only one experiencing this? My Utorrent is not downloading stuff from thepiratebay. Kindly advice.
  15. Kamjesh

    Mandazi Moto

    Just bumped on this reliable source of mandazi moto. So far so good.
  16. Kamjesh

    Just thinking out aloud

    Is anybody bothered by the fact that universities were named after peoples names. And some were... well....overnamed?! Think of Kenyatta University and if that was not enough, another was named Jomo Kenyatta University. Omtata, where are you? A petition awaits....
  17. Kamjesh

    Beware of these Njaanuary Conmen

    Farmers lets be careful with Conmen 2 Guys just call me with 075533093_ and 074340299_ guy Acting ka blocker the other ka The big fish.. Told me they av Women Grp Eld so need 100 chicks for me to get The Tender i send Email and my name..i dd that 5mins later..Said av bn givn...
  18. Kamjesh

    Solar Pumps

    Anyone who has use solar pump with impact sprinklers directly? What's the efficiency of irrigation. For those with a solar pump without a battery. What's your daytime irrigation experience. Esp evaporation issues.