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    Being a rider in kenya is an extreme sport

    Heshima kwa barabara unapewa kama unaskuma GS or other high end bikes....
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    'Till death do us apart' SCRATCH THAT SHIT

    Been trying to keep it to myself but I still wanna find out what's with todays planteshens. Anyway imekuwa exactly 2days 3¹/2 hrs since my wife of 7yrs left with my boys. Her reason was that am unable to provide for the family as I used to an year ago, note that I cater for all the family needs...
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    Sperm Donation

    Vle umeambiwa hapa juu:D:D
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    Kuna jamaa ya IT iko diaspora iligift bibi yake simu nkajua hapa kuna maneno....not long ago simu iliharibika and the guy hatulii na insecurities mob according to bibi......all along we've been communicating using a kabambe I bought her with a new number.....naingia karura soon before its too late
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    River Enzao

    Wewe mumama mshenzi it's river Enziu
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    Kumbe hawa Sauti shogas wanafunguana boot wenyewe Kwa wenyewe

    Sometimes last year kuna jamaa aliniambia the LGBTQ had approved some secret laws whereby homosexuals and lesbians can 'marry' for the purpose of procreation but continue to practice their sexuality while still in the marriage. They spread the g** agenda by playing out failed marriages to the...
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    18+ Total Surrender

    Let's wait for mkamba mjinga homosexual aconsult mamayake why they carry an extra pair......
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    Tiktok beats Google to become the most visited site in the world.1st time it has been dethroned in 15 years

    Was brainwashed into thinking tiktok was teenagers haven until recently motive ilikuwa kusafisha cornea now am hooked kama fuakin
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    Anti-testosterone soy boys where can i get steroids in kenya

    Kuja inbox I supply you with whey protein sups for maximum growth
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    Anti-testosterone soy boys where can i get steroids in kenya

    Forget about steroids completely, they will mess your body big time and the damage would be irreversible with associated health complications. Instead tafta food supplements for your workouts.
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    18+ wangapi

    Nyote ni illiterate bottom homosexuals na mamazenu ni malaya according to section 34C of Ktalk constitution....
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    18+ wangapi

    @Tauren alikudethrone????
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    Mnauziwa Balozi fake

    Tangu nipoteze four close buddies to illicit methanol sometimes back I be so cautious where I drink and the drink itself....
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    Why can't cbk secretly print money ?

    Do you even think of the impact that 1 trillion can bring to our economy? Whether we print secretly the fact remains pesa inaingia kwa circulation triggering inflation...
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    Which non-blacks have you kulad?

    Nikii Waicigo
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    Do tell pris......

    Pitia hapo kinda kindu upewe moja utulie
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    Vipi wadau....nisaidieni info concerning a strike that happened early last week in mechanical and engineering departments before I engage in business with kakuzi....asante
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    18+ SURE Condoms

    Then how do you expect us to discuss d*ck sizes and thickness without sounding gayish......tafuta brand ingine ubomolewe nayo my fren
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    Overhead lines clearances

    Help out a brother......for a safety audit and the exact measurement nilisahau.