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  1. jaduong

    Adrien Broner the next big thing in boxing??

    Oleksandr Usyk is all we know as the next big thing. Sorry we only watch & care about heavyweight boxing only. Midgets apana tambua
  2. jaduong

    What simple thing are you soo poor at?

  3. jaduong

    Who/ What is @Digi?

    digi is a copy paster of everything from other sites to this dumpsite
  4. jaduong

    Second Lower Degree

    nefa, uyo aende inda akue chomelea
  5. jaduong

    Waking up in the middle of a theft by kunguru

    maliza hekaya meffff:meffi:
  6. jaduong


    huyu hakuna kitu, hata servers zilishahamishwa. damaged goods
  7. jaduong

    Ting Ting Bubble Gum

    nyoko, advertise your brand elsewhere
  8. jaduong

    Mp demands Ruto be respected as the DP or he will reveal what is hidden in the server

    too late we accepted our fate & moved on.
  9. jaduong


    playing one of the slowest players(Xhaka) in terms of recovery as a centerback isn't poor tactics? Playing two defensive midfielders (guendouzi&torreira) in a home match isn't poor tactics? How iwobi got into that first team beats me, dude kills all attacking moves Give us a break
  10. jaduong


    can you listen to yourself????????? Ozil, Lichtesteiner & mustafi ndio tegemeo?? am off
  11. jaduong


    This guy is a fraud, been out of his depth for the last two games. Tactics zake ziko chini sana. Soon the fans will turn against him & he has no mettle like wenger
  12. jaduong

    Wema Sepetu has lost weight

    Strechmarks galore ukivua izo nguo,
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  14. jaduong

    Job hook-up

    I am sorry to say but you made the biggest mistake by working in a bank. Huko you gain zero new skills and being absorbed into the normal job market inakua ngumu but all the best. That's why mtu ukiingia banking industry you stay there forever. Sad but true
  15. jaduong

    Giving birth twice in 2 years

    Hapa grip inaisha kabla hujafurahia bana
  16. jaduong

    SGR Nairobi - Naivasha progress

    WHITE ELEPHANT project
  17. jaduong

    Savage girls

    coomar ww malizia hekaya
  18. jaduong

    Wezi wa S.A

    badass lady driver
  19. jaduong

    Where is Gathecha!?

    the guy is literally hiding from citizens. Ati ni strategy ndio we forget & move on