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  1. D_Minor

    AP Traffick Cops

    Now that our AP's are on the roads looking for "traffic offenses" did they undergo any traffic courses ? Anybody with answer ?
  2. D_Minor

    The new curriculum Text books

    i still insist hii kitu ilipelekwa speedi kaa baiskeli ya kuibiwa. how do you explain this errors.
  3. D_Minor

    Wicked wednesday, osha macho

    Habari ghani Now that you are sober, probably broke, likely in debt & the only thing that you are able to PAY is attention, I can now safely say Happy New Year and welcome to 2019!!!!! If you need help with transport money, school fees, stationary, uniforms and even rent money, Please sms the...
  4. D_Minor

    How To Approach A Lady In Public And Easily Win Her Heart

    Some men are naturally shy while some don’t even know how to start. The thing is, wooing a girl in public is simple and a lot easier than when she’s alone. Here, we have put this down to help you be a man, Lol. Read carefully to the end. 1.Make Eye Contact: If you see someone you’d like to meet...
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    ...The work of us (The Youths) is only to wear T-shirts and sit for meetings; CLAP and CHEER while wazee; [ 1. Moody Awori - 91 years old; 2. Francis Muthaura - 71 years old; 3. Chris Obure - 75 years old; 4. Matu Wamae - 79 years old; 5. Beth Mugo - 79 years old; 6. Musikari Kombo - 74...
  6. D_Minor

    Evelyn Njoroge: Mwisi wa hekaya

    akipeleka mukuru. Magiri is @Atheismo s corinthian na hii nugu inadanganya ndiyo imeandika
  7. D_Minor

    Slow Friday

    Turn boy wa Meria when Mutheu is in the cabin Purple in Las Vegas Abba akifika ocha kush akiwa age 4 momo 1 Kimakia na style ya kumakia pink handles ocha meria akitoka kwa mnazi Pamba akigojea jina lake kwa retio uwes akiwa sankara Panyaste stepping out in Berndola This is Guka...
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    Incoming woman rep 047 2022

    sympathy vote
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    Republic of Užupis: A tiny nation you've never heard of!

    What began as a tongue-in-cheek April Fools’ Day joke has evolved into one of the smallest republics in the world, with its own government, constitution and currency. Residents say that if you stare into the eyes of the Užupis Mermaid as you cross the bridge into the tiny, self-declared Republic...
  10. D_Minor

    Bridge schools on way to graduation ceremony

    btw hua na wanda mbona hakuna educashen sekshen
  11. D_Minor

    6 rapists walishwa copper na Hessy wa D

    C & P from Mukuru Six(6) gangsters shot dead at #Kifarage the route connecting #Dandora and #Mwiki. Waliteka nyara mtu wa nduthi uko #Lucksummer akiwa na mteja wa kike, tied the motorbike operator then raped the lady in turns then managed to escape towards Dandora without the knowledge, the...
  12. D_Minor

    We should do away with the schools of journalism and source our media personalities from Churchill show.

    MCA Tricky joins Radio Maisha as a presenter..congratulations. Just recently Hamo,the fake professor, too joined Hot FM as a morning breakfast host..Kongole. My thought... We should do away with the schools of journalism and source our media personalities from Churchill show. Merit..will save...
  13. D_Minor

    Car Carriers

    on my way down to 001 have seen ten of this beasts, how are the vehicles loaded and offloaded? Location Salama
  14. D_Minor

    Neanderthal reasoning

    Education PS, Belio Kipsang has announced that KNEC (Kenya National Examinations Council) will recall certificates of parents found aiding in examination cheating. The PS was speaking on Monday at the Kenya School of Government in Kabete, Kiambu County, after launching padlocks and keys to be...
  15. D_Minor

    Meria akiwa base ya mnazi

  16. D_Minor

    Githeri Courts

    Our courts are the point on which corruption spins!! Shock on Kenyans as, judge Douglas Ogoti schedules the ksh213m theft case against Kidero to May 2 2019. The prosecution was ready to go with 27 witness. Now calculate how many will still be willing or available to testify by 2nd May next...
  17. D_Minor

    Oona Sasa: simnasema Bangi iwe huru

    Early this morning... A guy walking naked along Hong Ngong road Near shade hotel
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    Brand new chopper spotted at JKIA cargo section earlier today.
  19. D_Minor

    Marrybelle Kapolon killed by moms jilted toyboy

    I am devastated by news that the 9 year old girl in Meru was actually killed by her mother's jilted ex-lover who hired assassins from Kayole. Those hoodlums armed with very dangerous weapons did their worst under instructions of this wicked man. This is highly disturbing. Two issues arise here...