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  1. Murkomeno

    aSc Timetables Legal Vendor Dilemma - Help Needed.

    Vipi wadau? My bro, about 4 years ago, in trying to nukisha kitunguu brokered an aSc timetable sale to a certain school in our locality. He was duly issued with the activation keys from the supposed supplier. He was paid his cut and forgot all about it until last week when he called me in...
  2. Murkomeno

    Egerton University Chronicles

    Following masaibu ya @Lecturer M M , nimeona pia niseme masaibu yangu ya Eger. I must add that ilikuwa masaibu ya kujitakia. Had I not become addicted to akoho, I wouldn't have been in that mess. First...
  3. Murkomeno

    2007 PEV: Where Were You?

    It is sad that such an ugly event happened in our lifetime. I was doing some part time job at a town in North Rift as a tutor. Nlienda home, voted and traveled back to my place of work. The North Rift was ODM damu then. I even wonder why ODM still accuse North Rift natives as tribal while in...
  4. Murkomeno

    First Post

    Mabwana, khupipi, tuvijanaa na tuwanafunzi twa Kenyatalk, OAMUNEE?? Mambo ya Lesuut(a) mliacha? Just for fun: Meffi!