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    Kwa hii kijiji wadau, nani ashawai kamua kunguru mrefu kumliko? how was the experience? asking for a friend
  2. big man

    Business ideas

    Wadau, a friend of mine ananiulizia nimpee business idea anaeza anza na kitu ka 40K, anadai kitu ka machine ivi, atleast yenye inaeza mpea kitu kama 1500 per day as profit. Any ideas please leteni. Zitachangia pakubwa.. sande wakubwa.
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    The things we do as laboratory scientists

    I am a laboratory scientist myself. Is a habit i found in this laboratory i practiced some years back being orchestrated by senior laboratory technologists, I was a student then, so i carried on with the practice seeing nothing wrong with it. In this laboratory, departments were separated from...
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    Lessons learnt the hard way!

    Vipi wadau.. I would wish to teach you how to deal with people wakiwa na madharau ya upuzi. This happened when i was still a peasant back in the days. Here is the first episode; it happened while i was in coast. It was a fine morning, i was taking this young toddler to school, we were on foot...
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    Chang'aa dens

    This is a true story that took place back in 2010. Just after high school, i went kutulia ushago kidogo for that period before one joins college. During this period, I and a few of my friends tulianza kuingilia ulevi ile mbaya. It came a time we were known to the whole village due to kuwa walevi...
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    Let us be

    But sometimes family can see a different side of your half that you can't see, love is blind... My sister dated this one dude for years no one in our family liked him, got to a point my mom said if she married him, she wouldn't show up to the wedding,, yup that bad.... But she loved him and we...
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    Memories za high school zikuje

    I was in form 2 by then, we had a certain class monitor na alikua na umama mwingi sana, the kind of men you would wish happy mothers day. Ungejipata uko kwa list ya noisemakers ata kama hauko class. There was even a time during the evening prep, i went to study from the library. So vile prep...
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    Just imagine mtu kukuita fossil wadau:mad:, i feel like kuua mtu sai,:(
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    link ya game ya liverpool

    mtu alete link ya game ya liverpool
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    kukojoa kwa bafu

    najua kuna watu kwa hii kijiji bado wako na kale ka tabia ka wakioga lazima wakojoe kwa bafu..Ni hayo tu.
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    link ya game ya leo si ikuje