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  1. Andrew Kibe

    Don't be fooled, friends

    Now that I've called you friends don't think we are bud-buds. I'm just trying to create personal appeal to the teachings I impart on you. Now we are going into 2018 changing the narrative. If you're still going to remain behind shauri yako. 1. You should f**k a lady on the 2nd or 3rd meeting...
  2. Andrew Kibe

    Why there are no women at the top

    We get alot these days about sijui women are not being given opportunities, there are no women at the top Mara we need 2/3rds gender rules. It's all stupidity because women do not want to be at the top. They don't despite what they write on Twitter or Facebook or whatever it is women write...
  3. Andrew Kibe

    boy child in kenya (SFW)

    Ok, hi folks today I'm not going to talk about sexual relationships. I'll let you do your trial and error with all that I've taught you so far. I am also not going to attack corporate chics today. After holiday menu itarudi ugali na mboga hehehe. So I wanna talk about the boy child in Kenya...
  4. Andrew Kibe

    The Art of Leading on a Woman

    as a man, you probably have a tale to tell about how a woman lead you on and wasted your time. I don't. Women are very skilled at this game but many men are not. Most men are at tier one where they still struggle to get a woman to reply texts, leave alone removing her panties herself. hahaha...
  5. Andrew Kibe

    Kenyan men listen, stop saying you want a woman who will build you

    Vipi, I'm back with facts. Now I usually see guys when discussing wife or girlfriend candidates, they talk about 'I want a woman to bring something to the table', 'I want a woman who can build me' Men, there is no such thing. Even your mother cannot build you as a man. Case in point, male...
  6. Andrew Kibe

    first date with a Kenyan woman

    Hello men, So you've sampled all the ratchets that are on offer in Nairobi and beyond. You've made them do all sorts of sexual shenanigans on you. But this has bored you and now you want to have sex without a condom on the regular. Hehe my friends, I hope you wrap up when fucking ratchets...
  7. Andrew Kibe


    So, I come here to check what noise guys are making and to my surprise men are upvoting a woman writing about "Why Women Need to Cheat." If you don't have a father figure, I will be your father figure. But not mentor, that's nonsense. Let me first tell you that as a man you should never ever...
  8. Andrew Kibe

    You men don't listen

    Look at this now: I've told you countless times, do not marry a single mother. Mtapelekana wapi? People try to rationalize but tell me this have you ever heard of an evil stepfather ama it's the woman who is always the evil stepmother...
  9. Andrew Kibe

    Kenyan ladies are killing prostitution

    How convenient is prostitution for the guy and the girl? Neither of you have to jump through hoops to get what you want. By this I mean both sex (Even depraved sex) and money. It's almost like the normal relationship juu Kuna different classes of prostitutes going by the amount of money they...
  10. Andrew Kibe

    Kenyan Women Listen...

    Yeah, I've called you out. I want to drop some truth bombs on you. Acheni kusumbua watu. Kenyan chiles are a funny lot. They are super entitled and completely removed from the reality of their environment. They are also not very sharp. I want to speak about transactional sex that is they way...
  11. Andrew Kibe

    A solution to marriage

    We've got the showdown between Tafuu and Stingo going down this weekend, so this will be my last tip here till hangy ziishe Monday. I wanna be real with y'all men who still believe in marriage. I told you before, get the ugliest woman to marry if you want to have kids. You can go to Nigeria...
  12. Andrew Kibe

    lunch break advice

    Hii weather lakini is like Nigerian women. It's ugly!!!! Lakini let's drop that for now and get into the real issues. I'm having lunch in a karestaurant and I must say I'm both impressed and disappointed. Naona hot mamas being brought to lunch by guys who want to bomoa them. These are probably...
  13. Andrew Kibe

    Where to find wife material

    Hey guys and girls, mko fiti lakini? Now I've gone through some threads here and I see one big complaint Kenyan men have is finding a woman to wife. Ni shida, now you skia that women young women in 254 are 3 times likely to have HIV than men. It's hard. Ok here's what to do kama you've decided...
  14. Andrew Kibe


  15. Andrew Kibe


    you guys, let's chapiana the truth and save the boy child