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    Ngui ngite
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    Asubui Sacco

    Convert to degrees C madam
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    Form imejipa pale KMD

    Already kama wamechapa FB in reality wako down tu sana
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    Afrojiri Sacco

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    Afrojiri Sacco

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    Le Grand homecoming, official thread.

    Which is....
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    Le Grand homecoming, official thread.

    Probably, maybe that was the plan
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    I am probably going to f**k this married neighbour of ours

    Hiyo ni ile battalion huclaim they go for hours
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    ni mimi tu naona hivi ama??

    Jikamue kwa hii
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    Raila at CSIS.

    Hehehehehe, hao wazungu walimualika ndio wam enjoy tu....they're laughing behind his back and wondering how a grown up man could sound so stupid!
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    This thing they're calling "Rotational Presidency"

    Hii rotational presidency ni @KeleleZa Chura tu
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    Cat is Out of the Bag; Yaaaaaaaaawwwwnnnn - We Knew it All Along!

    Orengo has been planning this for long
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    This thing they're calling "Rotational Presidency"

    RAT is a power hungry hypocrite, I really pity the guys who take him seriously. Yaani if anything isn't favoring him then it ceases to be good for "Kenyans" and needs to be changed. He just cannot understand how he has been in the game for decades but has never clinched the top job, too close...
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    Cat is Out of the Bag; Yaaaaaaaaawwwwnnnn - We Knew it All Along!

    A desperate man is a very dangerous man, and the saddest bit is he's always a danger to himself and those very close to him. Orengo had promised years back to destroy RAT, I see he never forgot that promise
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    Ndani, ndani, the statehouse... uhuru ruto tano tenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Ingekuwa ni NASA hata hiyo kidogo hatungepata, wadhani kulisha ndume 4 ni mchezo?
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    NASA boycott

    Wacha aapishwe kwanza
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    NASA boycott

    When gods want to punish a person, they first make him mad (stolen)
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    Mr. President.

    The president was clear in his explanation, that he didn't sign them as he felt that he was changing the rules halfway (though they are very good laws) and make it appear as if he was giving himself undue advantage....meaning had he signed them then they would have applied to the just concluded...
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    Summary of the big announcement...

    Ofisi ama barabarani ukisumbua matatu?
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    Bomas Now..........

    Hiyo petition ya secession I'll sign twice to ensure they have the numbers