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    female perspective

    Including nyanyako, mamako, dadako, binti yako, etc. Kindly think things through before uttering nonsense.
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    Jubilee Development - Commissioning of Last Mile Rural electrification project in Gilgil, Nakuru County

    Where in Gilgil? Because not 2 months have passed since Kenya Power told me that Last Mile project is over and I'll be charged sh.70,000 per pole to bring electricity to mzee's compound. Last pole is less than 400m away.
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    This is Guka - Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! This is Cold, Very Cold!

    Reading the Bible in its entirety (not the cherry-picked feelgood verses fed to you by akina Kiuna) is the surest way of rejecting that depraved religion. Unaomba ju unajifanya mjuaji kuliko mungu hajui chenye anafaa kufanya. Hamuonangi ufala ya kuomba? Ati "mungu hapa naona hujacheza poa...
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    This is Guka - Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! This is Cold, Very Cold!

    What do you mean you can't? Don't you have internet?
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    Ciku Muiruri

    How? Mtu anaenda kukunywa na 100k-plus in cash, na kivici kinacheza na coin karibu na tundu la choo wako na akili sawa na matokeo ni yale yale - hasara.
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    Madem Bana

    Why is this titled "madem"? Umeanza u-Digi?
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    Motorcycle owners/riders on Nairobi

    Dress for the slide, not for the ride.
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    No single sale

    Hizo ni zile za styrofoam na chicken mesh. Na wakenya washenzi wanalipa 10m!
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    Athi river

    You remind me of Jack Johnson's song The News. "Why don't the newscasters cry when they read about people who die? At least they could be decent enough to put just a tear in their eyes"
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    sgr how much truth is here

    And the way I had defended this sham!
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    This Right Here has Me Having Woke Nights!

    What do you mean unknown?
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    This Right Here has Me Having Woke Nights!

    Wrong. The 2019 shared Nobel honoured the discovery of dark matter.
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    This Right Here has Me Having Woke Nights!

    Dissipated to where?
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    JKL lack of content & recycling

    The first time that geezer appeared on the original bench, it was tolerable. But now, I'd rather stuff my ears red hot charcoal straight from a jiko than listen to that double tragedy of an interviewer and interviewee.
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    39 bodies found in a lorry in shithole Britain

    Waingereza ni meffi. Look at how they try to sanitize one of their own. Cheki kwanza ile picha wameeka. And then to endear him to everyone, ati "a man known locally as Mo". This motherfucka is a murderous, human-trafficking, son of a ho! Huezi niambia hakua anaskia hao wasee wakifanya...
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    Keep Your Hands Off Uhuru Park

    Hii ya Uhuru Park nayo nimekataa. Haitajengwa. Having inked a deal or not. Uhuru anafikiria hii ni yake juu inaitwa Uhuru Park? Uhuru ni fala juu hawezi soma na Moi. Moi alitolewa Kwa kiti na saga yake na Wangari Mathai juu Uhuru Park. Uhuru Park is Kenya's holy grail. Hio unagusa kaa unataka...
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    Explicit Kukula Bibi ya mtu

    Kukulia mtu bibi is probably the worst thing you can do to a person that is not illegal. Hata nikijua unakulanga bibi za watu na nipate mtu akitaka kukula wako, nitam-discourage.
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    Help me choose between these phones

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    Atheists in the group.

    Aren't you the same person who is cheating on your wife and are happy about it? How do you reconcile your living a life that directly contradicts your God, and him willing to protect you at night as you sin?