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  1. kimiti

    JTL Router password

    any one who can help with the JTL faiba router password? Want to change a few setting huko ndani na sina admin login password
  2. kimiti

    Business fibre

    I recently requested for a quote for internet for my online business and I was slapped, check that, ‘B!tch slapped’ by almost all providers. Safaricom asked me to bend over with my pants around my ankles and the rest were lined up after them behind me. Their quote for 100mbps dedicated was 100k...
  3. kimiti

    Need a php programmer

    Need someone to help on a small project. Short hire
  4. kimiti

    Server Hosting

    Hi guys, who knows a company where i can host a server and be up all year round?
  5. kimiti

    Kisumu SGR lazima.

    Hold on to your nuts you freaking nay sayers. Uhuru wanted half the money to build to be a grant. The Chinese declined. They want the whole amount to be repaid. So, since the rail must be build, we have to pay the whole amount. So don’t get your knickers in a bunch. Deni mtakula. I don’t know...
  6. kimiti

    This site is dead.

    Where are people going cozthis site is on its death bed? I know it’s dying when all I read is these stupid issues that are being flogged even when we know they are non-issues. Site where the likes of panyaste is constantly bragging of sleeping with white women as if it’s the greatest achievement...
  7. kimiti

    Smells like a pile of bull The whole text reads too sensational. And also place it on a Sunday, nice try! I think this SGR maneno should be put to rest once and for all. If all the sensational reporting is false, then...
  8. kimiti

    Telecommunication tower

    Anyone with an idea how much it would cost to erect a telecommunication tower ? Less the land lease
  9. kimiti

    Enoigh of this Tanzania sh!t

    Ban all this Tanzanian crap on this forum. This is not a d*ck wagging competition
  10. kimiti

    Returnee with bike

    Hi guys, Does anyone know if I returned with a motorbike, does it qualify for the duty free that is accorded to motor gari
  11. kimiti

    Fibre optic installation contractors

    Are there any fibre optic contractors? How big is this field?
  12. kimiti

    Ruto, Winnie Odinga ticket?

    Is it too early to speculate on a WSR Winnie Odinga ticket? That would bring 3/4 of the country to a single block. A rainbow moment
  13. kimiti


    Anyone who can help with the Seacom pricing model? Have asked them but no one is mentioning anything to do with money.
  14. kimiti

    Airtel manenos

    happy jamhuri day Over the past 48 hours it has emerged that airtel is on the verge of leaving the Kenyan market, it is a big coincidence that it so happens when the boycott safaricom is aborted. Could it be that this was the last gimmick to try and shore up its fortunes by giving out one big...
  15. kimiti

    Post Election Raila, We have been here before

    This is not the first time that Raila has come up with an absurd notion after the poles. Without being in Parliament, it is hard for one to be relevant after elections especially in the new constitution dispensation. Raila is for the second time trying a radical notion to remain relevant...
  16. kimiti

    Election petitions round 2 having read the link above, I am surprised that no one ha challenged election of Uhuru on grounds of the constituencies that didn't vote. That would have been a sure way to have it...
  17. kimiti

    Nani si Shujaa!!

    Kama unaacha bibi yako unaenda kulalisha mwanamme kwake! Wewe sio Shujaa! Kataa Hiyo
  18. kimiti

    Nairobi County

    Just a quick one, Who controls the Nairobi County in terms of MCAs?
  19. kimiti

    Persons of Interest

    Well, The village is still intact. Where we were politically is neither here nor there. That said, I am really anxious to see what happens to that KDF spokesman who poke for the unleaked 'Leaked' information. Joho pia I want to see how he is going to handle his new status post Raila. He might...
  20. kimiti

    Moment of reckoning

    In 15 hours (at the time of writing this post) The country will go to the polls, and all the energy that has been exhibited in this forum wont boil a cup of tea. After 12 Hours, We all will be waiting with bated breath but soon realise that it is an anti-climax. In 6 hours, One half will wish...