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    Single mum amejam

    Cz nimekataa kukaa na mtoi wake.. Kesho like wtf? Even after sendig her 1500 alipe MTU bado anadai sijui ....ananitrust na mtoi wake. Ngui!!!!! On our first date alicome na mtoi... Garden city Toto akacheza sana mum akisip some mojitos etc.. Second date ... Slices kapewa Shingo upande kwa...
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    can smell the Ford's clutch plate

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    Na mwenye maskio ..

    Southampton Fc vs Blackburn Rovers = Draw
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    Wale Madem ....

    Huskiza Riddim hugawa bila kusumbua.. roho safi --
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    Simba mla chake Eid

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    Second Round K.O. +

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    Builders in making

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    at work!!!!

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    KM3 BF Goodrich mud tyres test

    315 75 16 TJM equiped Toyota landcruiser 79 series
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    Betway among 10 betting firms cleared by KRA

    Those set to have their licenses renewed are Betway, Mozolt Bet, Odi bet, Eastleigh bet, Lucky to you, Ken book makers, Bet boss, Kick off, Easi bet and Palms bet, according to officials at the Interior ministry...
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    neighbor said

    dont you dare touch her bananas but it on your side
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    Range Rover Sport (2018) Dragon Challenge – EXTREME CLIMB

    Ule msee alisema step ya kwanza iwe #Fortuner aisee hapo poa
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    Land Cruiser vx v8 vs Range Rover Sport

    Mekoniko mko wapi? Niko na swali kuhusu hizo machine mbili .. Engine perfomance? Handling? Fuel economy? Naweza jiskia kufika pale Lake Turkana any time after Nov Birthday
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    Pink H gotta know this

    Men are polygyny by nature and women are monogamous by nature, Big penis, small penis, hell it doesn't matter , as long as you nut . And Yes there are good men out here , we just don't get down with the feminist movement thing , you women got going on , following the pale faced women.
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    Its a Black thing

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    1,2 *ock my Shoe .. Rare Underground Hip Hop

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    Toka Lodwar

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    pay some bills all @1700 hours

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    Me Or Njambi??????

    I’ve never quite gotten a clear view of her pu**y in real life. My closest experience was right after our office cocktail in Westi last year. In two weekends (in succession). A lot of the people there were adults and I knew nothing much about that company. I didn’t like Indian food either. So I...