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  1. T-Raww1

    Shortness ...

    So this girls I've been seeing told me she can't date me cz I'm short. Just the same height like her ... Na ata alininyima staffs ... Mbilikimo hatuna chetu hii Nairobi
  2. T-Raww1

    BMW 120i

    C the owner in your hood already told you first hand ... what else do you wanna hear now
  3. T-Raww1

    Please help

    simple. LIPA NA MPESA PAYBILL BUY GOODS And services
  4. T-Raww1

    18+ Monday Sweetness

    I don't have any evidence regarding that ...
  5. T-Raww1

    E-commerce App

    apo ni Java na php sasa ... I know a guy who can sort you out cheaply
  6. T-Raww1

    18+ Monday Sweetness

    The first ones are of a south African girl ... and she has a bf who is currently doing masters. FYI they live together
  7. T-Raww1


    All those Indians and other nationalities do they have a degree ... Vi Vi Vijanaaa ....
  8. T-Raww1


    Muguka baze theories
  9. T-Raww1


    Elders there's this conversation I saw 3 weeks ago on twitter about Sacco's and saving . Anyone who here is in one or knows who they operate ... You see I'm thinking of joining one next year ... ?
  10. T-Raww1

    Villagers help me out here ...

    So guys I got this friend of mine of was living with his girlfriend back then . So he could invite me over time by time. Some 4 months ago they broke up with his gf then everyone rented their own the girl went to live in Ruiru alone. Now the tricky part is that the girl is inviting me...
  11. T-Raww1

    Its hard to believe she is a billionaire

    It's simple ... she was born a millionaire ... if you know you know ... just like Jaydem and Willow smith .. Just like here our Konyagi .... atleast mike sonko is a raw deal
  12. T-Raww1

    Wamefunga shule

    the Dufanda ones are legend hoes ... wanachezea uko 26 ...
  13. T-Raww1

    Idlers Online ...

    Soo many Elders online but can't post anything ... Just here to stalk other people's thread ... You can do better guys . Lets educate each other ... @fayahmoto @king cobra @Fucked up thoughts @kitimba @Weston @dangerman I just mentioned a few who I've never seen their thread nor posts. @uwesmake...
  14. T-Raww1

    KTalk site on Phone Vs Desktop

    Guys who else has noticed this ; when logging KTalk via phone I tend to see alot of topics but when I use my Desktop the topics seem less ... ? Why is it that way ...
  15. T-Raww1

    18+ Njeri is a Queen

    indeed ...
  16. T-Raww1

    Busted Village Elder ...

    If you know you know ... @Yunomi
  17. T-Raww1

    Jubilee Development

    konyagi is doing fine ...
  18. T-Raww1

    Middle Class

    pole sana
  19. T-Raww1

    Uhuru is surprised

    konyagi is getting sober day by day .. it's too late mr. Jameson ... Everything is already fucked up. next