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  1. edd K

    why I wonder?? So Shockinngg???

    i saw even rhinos do the same thing...
  2. edd K

    Kujeni Mskize

    spoken like 5 wise men from the east....
  3. edd K


    i suspect this guy is suffering from ONEITIS shortly after hitting that pwussay for the first i always say, A fool and his money are a girl's best friend..
  4. edd K

    Man who drove into ocean was victim of domestic abuse — family

    everything in this world is always in favour of the female species...always..!!!...once you get that you are good to know..hii kesi itaenda to hivo and vanish into thin air.
  5. edd K

    Zeta male

    very true...most men nowadays need to grow a ferkin spine....
  6. edd K

    When we say women have no capacity to love men the way man can love we are stoned!!! Redpill mondays

    Sawasawa wise man...i could not emphasize further.....mimi i could be really sorry for her juu kidney yangu siwezi know women detect desperation from a man just the way a shark detects traces of blood in water....
  7. edd K

    18+ Kasupu Kabisa

    they take photos in executive places alafu arudi ushago kula mrenda...:D:D:D:D:D:D:D....that is what we call marketing.
  8. edd K

    Don't come on to waiters

    when did a "waiter" become a "she" you moron...???
  9. edd K

    Kaa rada

    hii tuliona jomo akiwa ***i...good advice anyway..people must condomize..
  10. edd K

    Zeta male

    bright red flags hoisted by a kunguru....and why the hell would you educate your so called wife????.....kwani wewe umekuwa baba yake?
  11. edd K

    mbona wanaume hujisumbua hivi?

    this are the kind of people who tell you ati muoane mapema muanzie maisha from that you can undergo such tomenting times....hahaa.....and you call that mapenzi???...i know the jamaa wherever he is analia tu peke yake and worse of all maybe it is something he could have waited a...
  12. edd K

    The modern woman is LAZYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    that is just some societal pressure that made them hook up and utapata the "wife" maybe alikuwa 22-24y/o...still at her peak na kuna majamaa bado wanajaribu kum-fish (probably are more loaded than the guy) just to *** her...the jamaa thought anapendwa kumbe it was just a biiig scam.....
  13. edd K

    The modern woman is LAZYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    kazi ni kunona tu na ukimwambia you are fat anafura......the funny thing with some women is that they forget that they too need to look good for their man..bodywise not just dressing up need to see that youthfullness in their women too.
  14. edd K

    The biggest sexual myths

    Unless it is your wife, everybody should facilitate their own cumming....dame akishindwa avae thuruare na aende..kazi sio kutombana kama magui..
  15. edd K

    the bonobo problem

    Primitivity at its best
  16. edd K

    To younger 20-something men craving female "companionship."

    shaming professor amefika.
  17. edd K

    To younger 20-something men craving female "companionship."

    you are suffering from verbal diarrhoea......nyamaza tafathali.
  18. edd K

    To younger 20-something men craving female "companionship."

    this was applicable in the 1980s and 70s....the problem is not men...unfortunately most women/ladies in this day and age have become lazy to an extent that the want a ready made man who has got his shit together esp. this ladies who think they are pretty, hawataki kufanya kazi and that is why...