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  1. Derbyman

    Sniff my fingers

    Zii niliuliza same akaanza kusob
  2. Derbyman

    Sniff my fingers

    He he, young luv
  3. Derbyman

    Sniff my fingers

    Back in high school when I first discovered love I used to brag about my girl to my homies non stop.So there's this friend of mine who had other ideas for my new found love. School holidays were on, one day as I was chilling at home thinking about my lady and how we were gonna make out in the...
  4. Derbyman

    Which song is that?

    Hekaya loaded
  5. Derbyman

    Kilgoris 2 /Remedy for mileaged ikus

    So my stay at Kilgoris for around two months was more than pleasing, I had my fare share of pu**y, once I took a niggas girl (I didn't know anyway) to a bar's room and banged her, kidogo kidogo I heard a nigga crying mbele ya the room's door 'Gaki gaki Eunicii, Eunicii !!! Gaki wewe ndio...
  6. Derbyman

    Which song is that?

    I like the beat
  7. Derbyman

    NEMA at it again

    NEMA Announce The Ban ON Non-Woven Bags
  8. Derbyman

    UFC fight night

    Neat , lakini I love my games on PC ,PS4 is cool though
  9. Derbyman

    UFC fight night

  10. Derbyman

    UFC fight night

    And the underdog bags it !
  11. Derbyman

    Juventus vs Atletico

    Karma's a byaaatch
  12. Derbyman

    Juventus vs Atletico

  13. Derbyman

    UFC Fight Night

    Damn the 'Nigerian nightmare' Kamaru Usman owned Tyron Woodley ..damn !
  14. Derbyman

    Another senseless death.

    Sad ,real sad
  15. Derbyman

    Bangi iwe ...

    Yea right
  16. Derbyman

    18+ Nigga got possessed

  17. Derbyman

    kenyans and short sightedness

    Enyewe kijiji got no chills ,thass why I don't drag most of my BS here , keti pale puana
  18. Derbyman


    A small dusty town in the county of Narok, culture rich with pussies from from the kisiis(really cheap and affordable), Luos ,maasais and vastly kales . When I was around I asked the nduthi guy aka my tour guide anipeleke kwenye chuom za musufferrer aka jugg Daniels pits..(heart of any town is...
  19. Derbyman


    The bottle...the bottle... Sisi bar owners we need the regulars baanar :D
  20. Derbyman

    PSG too strong for Over hyped Manchester united

    We going innnn kesho GGMNU