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  1. Kingilbert

    Uhuru amekosewa buana

    It's appalling how you choose when to see and when to be blind. He is Speaker of the National Assembly but as far as your eye can see is DO!
  2. Kingilbert

    Subwoofer tinkering

    Go to Ex-uk, you'll find a very good DVD player.
  3. Kingilbert

    Where Are the BEANS? Bure Kabisa!!!!

    There's nothing wise about that either.
  4. Kingilbert

    Hustler Nation hamuna Bahati

    There's no tribe called police or military...
  5. Kingilbert

    Random music

    How they shake their little assets.
  6. Kingilbert

    Nanok was paid Ksh 45m to join Tangatanga!!!

    Certainly you become trumpet of the evil one.
  7. Kingilbert

    Ruto Will Be A Distant 2nd

    We know that nonsense and we are ready for it.
  8. Kingilbert

    If not Ruto then who?

    Up to now, that remains a rumour.
  9. Kingilbert

    Turkana Turkana Turkana

    The government should ban and human settlements in Turkana. It is uninhabitable to saythe list.
  10. Kingilbert

    Is Ruto is fighting a lost battle? are putting it like that's the only land it has ever been grabbed in kenya, isn't it known that 80% of Taita Taveta county was grabbed, don't you know that Riat to kibuye was grabbed from ADC?
  11. Kingilbert

    The EFF has been busy

    With EFF it won't.
  12. Kingilbert

    The EFF has been busy

    I like EFF, The youthful MPs in kenya should be doing the same but instead they are the biggest crusader of the despots, sycophancy is all the know.
  13. Kingilbert

    Housing Finance Mega-sale (30% off on over 700 units)

    18k ngoma road it's like paying rent.
  14. Kingilbert


  15. Kingilbert


    In kale land cancer is treated just like headache, but because we think Muzungu's panadolare better we die of treatable illnesses.
  16. Kingilbert

    Mans upayuka "Riwe Riwaro Ruto 2022" na kazi niku hawk food kwa offisi za watu

    Actually there's nothing wrong with hawking.
  17. Kingilbert

    Mansa-musa-richest-man-ever-from Mali

    Nyeri, nyari, nyali and that a tongue twister for the rich?
  18. Kingilbert

    Hizi Hisense na Samsung from Google adsense.
  19. Kingilbert


    He is loved by Luos and you. Only.
  20. Kingilbert

    Zuku or Safaricom Fibre. My final decision!

    No, he's right 400G.