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  1. fayahmoto

    where do you buy your phones fellas

    If you are buying a samsung phone, iust make sure the packaging/box has a blue image at the top right written "for africa" so that you get 2 yr warranty, and they'll repair any faults not caused by you free of charge at any samsung repair centre within the 2yrs
  2. fayahmoto

    Broken Screen

    S20 fe 5g iko fiti coz of snapdragon 865, the last best Qualcomm chip. Though i hear the phone doesn't have a proximity sensor, but it's a good all rounder
  3. fayahmoto

    Broken Screen

    Sai the best bang for buck is the galaxy a52s if you decide to stick with samsung, bei iko almost same na a70 time ilitokea. The snapdragon 778 iko sawa kabisa, 120hz, headphone jack, stereo speakers
  4. fayahmoto

    What went wrong with Sony TVs?

    Web os pia wameharibu siku izi, it is needlessly difficult to set up and use, and ada all over the homescreen. Their earlier version was much simpler, faster and intuitive. A TV's OS should be as simple as possible, introducing too many things huharibu experience
  5. fayahmoto

    What went wrong with Sony TVs?

    True, sony lost their innovative drive long ago, they just rely on their name to overprice products that are not better than the competition. Their tv and phone divisions are a mess, at least for this year their TVs have been great but still overpriced for a marginal improvement over the...
  6. fayahmoto

    Eti AliExpress no longer shipping with Posta. Good or bad? What do you think about it?

    I have a question, for wale who want to purchase from aliexpress for the first time and we dont have addresses, how do we go about apo kwa address now that they dont use posta for delivery?
  7. fayahmoto

    Which would you go for, CR-V or RAV 4?

    Iwould go with the CRV, the car is quite spacious and the 2.4l engine is quite peppy, overtaking is a breeze. Do not go for the 2l engine as it has a CVT transmission, the 2.4l has a traditional auto. My choice is the 2.4l juu fuel economy is also on point. The only problem I noticed on a 2014...
  8. fayahmoto

    Seriously Heavy Lockdown Is Being Planned As Botswana Variant Approaches

    The govt may impose fake lockdowns across towns so as to get some more funding, you'll hear kagwe faking ati "the new strain has arrived and to limit its spread blablabla..."
  9. fayahmoto

    Africans' IQ is Lower Than That Of Other Races

    OP ni kifaranga ya admin
  10. fayahmoto

    Uhuru and the lone house

    Why are guys acting as if the woman begged for the house? As far as i know si lazima you accept a gift, you can reject. Kama pesa ilikulwa isemwe, not just accepting anything because some thieving officials think you are a lowlife who should accept anything. The guys complaining about the woman...
  11. fayahmoto

    Mitsubishi Pajero Mini

    Tuletee hio review upesi kaka
  12. fayahmoto

    Before the US started harassing Huawei, there was Toshiba of Japan and Alstom of France in the same boat

    All I see in your statement is that US is a scared bully, one company is causing panic to US, and the only way they can counter is to impose sanctions on countries just because of Huawei. The US should know that countries have their elastic limit, which when exceeded the sanctions wont work...
  13. fayahmoto

    Suspicion about Huawei and chinese government

    Hehehe dont you see the contradiction in your cant spy on people and then go ahead kujitetea ati "we respect the rule of law on privacy" after breaking the said law.
  14. fayahmoto

    Suspicion about Huawei and chinese government

    Microsoft, Google, Facebook, NIS, Apple, Cisco have been spying on tyeir users for years, why is it suddenly so painful that a Chinese company is (allegedly) spying..Americans still think they have the monopoly in spying
  15. fayahmoto

    Home Cinema

    That will need a lot work on your room, it will have to be light-controlled. alafu projector za 30 to 40k ni basic, very average pic quality, the tv will have a way better pic quality than io projector
  16. fayahmoto

    Age limit restriction to 5yrs

    My point is, magari zitapanda bei hata kama hazitafika 3M..and if you are keen you'll notice majority of cars on our roads ni 8yrs+, the less than 5 yr cars form a very tiny % since people cant afford them...and the law implies that the prices for less than 5 yr old cars will further increase
  17. fayahmoto

    Age limit restriction to 5yrs

    Since the govt has insisited there's no back-tracking on the proposal to reduce the age limit, kenya tutakua a walking nation..since guys will be holding on to their cars for longer is it a good time to start a spares business? Although, the proposal inaitikisha import of upto 8yr old cars that...
  18. fayahmoto

    Safaricom Are Coming for Matatu Guys

    Safaricom has become like Google, they have the money so they dabble in too many projects but don't follow up on them. Most of these safcon projects normally fail, since they don't have the incentive coz they already have mpesa and data as their cash cows. I don't expect this little shuttle to...
  19. fayahmoto

    Pastor Kens appetite for young Girls exposed.

    Hapa basi even the pastor can say he is an adult lakini akili yake ni ya 14 yr old, that's why ako attracted to girls who are 18, 19 yrs. Your argument doesn't make any sense, an 18 yr old is an adult, they should take responsibility for their actions.
  20. fayahmoto

    nini husumbua hawa watu?

    Niaje 130 kg walking exhauster @Motokubwa