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    It's a super Fruit/Vegetable and it's a whole meal. Kiwi is also a super fruit I would recommend for the guy.
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    Aki saseni

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    Netflix puts woke employees on notice

    MCU ikona hio upus?
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    Kula avocado mob
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    Angry Miguna Miguna warns impersonators and Fakes!!!

    Unacheka nini?
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    You have the brains of a fish
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    This man demaumbwa

    Please remove that dpic. It's disturbing
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    Mwalimu Ndekwe trapped

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    Clearly that wasn't the work of marvel. Morbius is just sony. Marvel speaks loud
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    New Covid wave

    Hio covid iliwasili vumbistan ikaitwa homa :D:D
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    One word. Cringeworthy shitstorm. Hurried scenes Poor plot Foolish make up No cause Newbie actor No climax Totally senseless end credit Bullshit movie hands down absolute Garbage. Mehn I should have set my eyes watching the ceiling instead now am left with grossness in my mind.
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    Karua it is!

    The first picture is very disturbing. It has a habit of lingering around my mind even when I am asleep. Please
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    Talker Amechoma

    Watu wana edit picha na hasira
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    Help out

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    18+ Nakuru Tagged is Shiiiiiiit

    Not a pleasant reality
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    Blood moon

    Not everyone does the kind of job you prefer
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    Blood moon

    How long do I have to wait. Sikuona last time. Saizi niko ritho mbaya sana.
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    18+ Nakuru Tagged is Shiiiiiiit

    Decorum states that you express yourself, you know for example, Cheki, Change of plans, I can not Or I suddenly dont feel horny anymore or better yet, Pole Not today. Excuse yourself and Inform her, You are an adult and not a frightened teenager for shits sake.