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  1. Mutheru

    King wa masweep kijijini!

    Been following the political debates lately and this guy @SatEnthusiast seems to be on a sweeping spree on the tangatanga brigade. Could this be Alai's new handle?
  2. Mutheru

    Why Bitcoin slumped?

    I have done lots of research within the last few weeks regarding the subject above and I've come up with the explanations below: 1. Some manipulative whales are on the loose. A bitcoin wallet which has been dormant for the last four years has just started selling off the bitcoins that the...
  3. Mutheru

    8-yr old doing marijuana...this is crazy!
  4. Mutheru

    This man has a cock...literally

    Hizi ndizo gani sasa wazito?...
  5. Mutheru

    Playing video games for survival in Venezuela!

    With all these mega corruption scandals rocking Kenya, I'm afraid tunaweza jikuta hapa.....