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  1. Village Mopper

    Afadhali Siasa Ikae

    Haha...siwezi shindana na hio mdomo. Ogopa mdomo.
  2. Village Mopper

    Njoro Girls Kameumana!

    haha, mnajua rwambogo. Mkujange na nametags
  3. Village Mopper

    Chinese investor to build a 200 billion Kshs. City in Athi River

    Kwani unanijua? Are you a multihandler?
  4. Village Mopper

    Chinese investor to build a 200 billion Kshs. City in Athi River

    Ghaseer tackertacker....enda kajitie msee wa punyeto
  5. Village Mopper

    The Shs 100 wedding couple and the street children couple are back to their normal lives before the makeovers

    Our corporates are vultures. Even today media houses are competing who will air most gore images of Turkana starving people. They need mileage not to help
  6. Village Mopper

    Voxywagen 1 verses Toyota Fielder

    By learning some English
  7. Village Mopper

    Justice Ojwang' in trouble

    JSC is a NASA Cartel, if you remember, its only Ojwang and Njoki who wrote favorble judgment to Jubilee aftr petition. Plus Rao and Obado are adversaries (the major ground for removal of Ojwang is bribery by Obado of road construction to Ojwang's home in Migori). Ojwang is a victim of Odinga. No...
  8. Village Mopper

    Rwandese Very Unhappy

    Genocide is no where on the variables (income, freedom, trust, healthy life expectancy, social support and generosity ). They are unhappy with the leadership and current state of their country. No one can see Rwanda after Kagame.
  9. Village Mopper

    Rwandese Very Unhappy

    Rwanda is a special case. They unhappy and dissatisfied lot but they cannot say publicly else Kagame kills them.
  10. Village Mopper

    Rwandese Very Unhappy

    According to the UN happiness indicators, Rwanda are very unhappy. Can only be compared with South Sudanese, Tanzania, and DRC. Even somalia is better. The variables are income, freedom, trust, healthy life expectancy, social support and generosity. "People in South Sudan are the most unhappy...
  11. Village Mopper

    Usiku Sacco

    Get busy chief. We are busy wondering the name involved with the 2B fake money
  12. Village Mopper

    When You are rich You Just Don't Care

    They were accused of conning billionare Naushad Merali by impersonating imitating Uhuru
  13. Village Mopper


    Kunguru hafugiki
  14. Village Mopper

    Mumias sugar company

    The woes of Mumias extends further than Kidero's acts of commission. With any responsible management, it is possible to turn around a company within 6 years. The problem of Mumias and other public companies in the sugar belt arise from power capture and power brokers by the likes of Rai and...
  15. Village Mopper

    Breaking News. President Uhuru appoints IG Boinnet as CS for Tourism

    Hawa wakale lazima umtoe hapa umpeleke pale. Kweli Ruto ni powerful.
  16. Village Mopper

    Notorious B.I.Gs dota

    Kwanza tushughulikie kimworor and oror. hizi ni AOBs
  17. Village Mopper

    Trump's proposed budget slashes funding to Kenya

    Even Rwanda, and the way some midgets here praise it. If it prudently used that 205% aid plus its revenues, there is no reason why itwould be where it is. the Medical system, Social Services, and Administration in Rwanda relies on foreign aids. Rwanda revenue is used to sponsor Arsenal and...
  18. Village Mopper

    KIA and Hyundai can they survive in Nairobi?

    This sounds sweet though
  19. Village Mopper

    Jubilee Government has completely failed.

    Malaya Kuja Usome