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  1. MacDaddy

    Suggestions for a getaway by end of feb

    Na napanga kupeleka mtu huko this weekend. Do you have other better suggestions
  2. MacDaddy

    Drama pale FB

    hii si kila mtu anajua
  3. MacDaddy

    Never shag kwa sitting room ever

    Chukua paper ama gazeti washa ukiwa sitting room inuke moshi kiasi. That smoke is much easier to explain and will drown the kunguru smell
  4. MacDaddy

    Feminazi tamaliza sisi

    She can as well drink her hot piss
  5. MacDaddy

    These Eyes are Shiny

    Ukioa huyo you have just signed your death sentence
  6. MacDaddy

    Nigeria Boko haram

    all that ammo
  7. MacDaddy

    Gang rapists of Dandora

    Contact Hope Rescue center Dandora
  8. MacDaddy

    DPP Hajji appoints a foreign lawyer to take down DCJ Mwilu

    what are you on about? I don't get you
  9. MacDaddy

    Burale's wife ran for the hills when he was broke

    In somali culture. The whole clan inakulindia bibi. We cannot replicate that. It is impossible. Even if you marry a Somali woman that safety net is withdrawn and she is on her own. Akiamua kua kunguru hakuna vile utakanyaga kwa mlango yao kumshtaki. Utakatwa thende na njora
  10. MacDaddy

    Drumpf Boot-in-mouth Family Tradition

    No need to argue just for the sake of it. Umeshinda. You can move on to another topic
  11. MacDaddy

    Drumpf Boot-in-mouth Family Tradition

    I saw those wild allegations about Trump being a shareholder of Time Warner, CNN's parent company. I wondered what does that have to do with what I was countering in his previous assertion. Wanted to ask him for proof nikaona its a waste of time and simply ridiculous.
  12. MacDaddy

    Drumpf Boot-in-mouth Family Tradition

    They make money because there is a market for gossip. So that means a good size of americans like gossip. That is why there is an audience You just contradicted yourself
  13. MacDaddy

    Nairobi CBD ni ndogo,wacheni uzembe

    Sufferers lazima waoge na maji ya mvua
  14. MacDaddy

    18+ 90% of girls in Tinder are selling

    Tinder nilitoa dame fulani kutoka utawala. I later on searched her number on FB and realized she was married and found one post she had posted in those women's groups looking for a 10K loan. I saw pictures of her and her husband FB na mtoi wao. Wanaume tusijipige kifua sana. Hiyo coomer ikitaka...
  15. MacDaddy

    Alafu Ukiomba Slices Akuite Pervert

    Judging by today's standards she is very modest. Wewe rudi Congo forest ukae na pygmies
  16. MacDaddy

    Drumpf Boot-in-mouth Family Tradition

    How and TMZ and other tabloid gossip blogs are making a killing
  17. MacDaddy

    I have a question Talkers & especially Pinks

    sas ukihama kwa kitanda unafikiria mama watoto anafikiria kuna mume kwa hiyo nyumba?