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  1. spider507

    Kufa Dereva kufa makanga

    nangoja kuona watu wakidunda, sooo dissapointed
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    unclean and sweet
  3. spider507


    Tumia payoneer
  4. spider507

    Sh1 billion land fraud affirms Kenya is a ‘gangster’ nation

    Gangster Nation indeed :saitan:
  5. spider507

    Engine Displacement

    We hate Turbo Lag, in case you didn't know
  6. spider507


    Easiest way is google translate, check this out, thank me later
  7. spider507

    Chinese Hypersonic Jet

    first one looks like a di*ck though, hilarious
  8. spider507

    Chinese Hypersonic Jet

    Ill give the chinese one thing, they are truly adept at designing the ugliest of machines
  9. spider507

    Best decoder transmitting HD Quality

    Bado niko na Hp "curved" 15".Iyo huwa nawasha nikiskia nyumba imekua baridi kiasi.Cheap room heater
  10. spider507

    Snake blamed in missing 36M cash at examination council office.

    So the snake was cash strapped & had to do an Italian job, scratch that Naija job
  11. spider507

    Mercedes C230 2006

    700k max.Trust a brother
  12. spider507

    Index of Movies: 1080 Thank me later
  13. spider507

    Day Tulikamua banana tree

    Hapo umenimaliza
  14. spider507

    A new addition to the slay queen accessories - car eyelashes!

    Ugliest thing i have seen this year
  15. spider507

    power trucks

    apana tambua stori ya kukwama
  16. spider507


    We kwisha kabisa lakini endelea tu ku enjoy, iyo game nilijaribu nikashuka.Mama ya mtu mzima ako na ndevu kuanza kukach ma feelings ikabidi ni escape iyo mtaa
  17. spider507

    Republic of Kenya bans Shisha

    coldpilsner anakunywa Tusker, iyo ni kuangusha team
  18. spider507


    Cmon man y'all know there's that one time to just gotta blow off the steam before you kill someone, Redlining that mofo is the only way out.Does that make me an idiot, certainly does but the smell of half burnt fuel excites me
  19. spider507

    What was your worst horror on the road?

    Way back in 2006, grandpa's funeral, mzee had left ahead for arrangements. was headed to Muhoroni from Eldy.Jalopy was a Nissan Datsun pickup with those silly stick gears (who the *** makes em anyways) Not the problem though.Fast forward niko Nandi hills in an overloaded pickup, bad lights...